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CEEI Castellón y PortCastelló explore ways of collaboration in innovation

23 November 2020

Reunión CEEI-PortCS

CEEI Castellón and PortCastelló are studying joint collaboration in a cooperation project that aims to add value through complementary knowledge from innovation agents, in the field of port logistics. The president and the director of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó and Ana Ulloa respectively, made a visit to the facilities of the European Center for Innovative Companies in Castellón on Friday 20, in which they talked with its director, Justo Vellón.

The objective of the Port Authority is to work on innovative solutions in areas such as sustainability and digitization through institutions, organizations and research teams in Castellón. Rafa Simó recalled that one of the objectives of the new strategic framework of PortCastelló is “to approach knowledge and build bridges with those institutions that are pioneers in innovation and research”. Simó also recalled that the port, together with the State Ports Public Organization, promotes the Castellón Port Lab brand, which aims to open up to the field of innovation and knowledge transfer, “and for this it is necessary to surround ourselves with strategic allies in these areas “. According to Vellón, the initiative is based on the realization that the Port “is very important economically in the province and must be at the forefront of innovation and technology.” In this way, both parties will explore initiatives that allow “contributing to socioeconomic development, involving different agents of the port ecosystem.”

During the meeting, Simó and Ulloa also had the opportunity to get to know first-hand the CEEI Castellón business center.





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