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Consejo de Administración

The PortCastelló board of directors ratifies the business plan for 2021

PortCastelló is the third port authority with the greatest reduction in rates to favor the economic growth of the port and its surroundings

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Patronato Fundación PortCastelló

The budget of the PortCastelló Foundation in 2021 will amount to 332,500 euros

The entity now has 24 entities among employers, associates and collaborators

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Onda y PortCastelló weave alliances to strengthen competitive advantages for companies

The president of PortCastelló has referred to the opportunities that the intermodal station will generate for the entire territory “because it will allow us to gain competitiveness and will mean logistical savings for our productive sectors”.

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Postal navideña

Draw Christmas with the port of Castellón

The initiative aims to enhance port-city interaction, involve the youngest with the port of Castellón and make them aware of its importance in generating employment and wealth in the province of Castellón

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Rafa Simó

Rafa Simó adresses his first one hundred days at the top of the Castellón Port Authority

“We have approved a business plan that will make us more competitive, boosting infrastructures such as the intermodal station, weaving synergies with economic-social agents and boosting innovation actions”

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Reunión estación intermodal

PortCastelló begins the procedures for the drafting of the construction project of the intermodal station

The mixed commission approves the functional study of an infrastructure that will save logistics costs and generate wealth in its environment

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Jornadas Mediterráneo

The SDG`s keys to the future of PortCastelló

PortCastelló-Mediterráneo Business Conference

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Reunión CEEI-PortCS

CEEI Castellón y PortCastelló explore ways of collaboration in innovation

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, and the director, Ana Ulloa, visit the European Center for Innovative Companies

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Cargamento arcillas

PortCastelló unloads 177,000 tons of clay in one week

PortCastelló ranks as the third port in solid bulk traffic

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Visita conseller Arcadi

The mixed commision in charge of validating the intermodal station is coming

The Castellón Port Authority will invest 20.6 million in this infrastructure

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Reunión Club Náutico de Castellón

PortCastelló and Club Náutico will develop actions to boost the recreational area

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has held a working meeting with managers of the Real Club Náutico de Castellón to jointly develop actions with the aim of promoting the recreational area of PortCastelló.

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Concurso postales navideñas

PortCastelló calls for the VII christmas postcard contest

The initiative aims to involve the little ones with the port of Castellón and the importance
of the port area in Castellón society

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PortCastelló will celebrate a virtual gala for its V Faro Awards

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority ratifies the winners selected by the jury

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Reunión PortCastelló-ayuntamiento Vila-real

PortCastelló and Vila-real city council boost the knowledge economy

Rafa Simó affirms that “this is a unique forum for debate and reflection on fundamental pillars on which the new strategic framework of the port of Castellón is based”

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Reunión PortCastelló-CEV

PortCastelló highlights the role of businessmen to boost the provincial economy

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, receives CEV officials

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Premios Faro

Winners lighthouse Portcastelló awards

The port of Castellón celebrates one more edition of its awards

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Reunión UJI-PortCS

PortCastelló and UJI explore priority collaboration lines in innovation and knowledge transfer

Both institutions will define a roadmap to promote research and training actions related to the port and logistics sectors

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foto aerocas

Castellón airport and PortCastelló establish synergies to promote the development of the logistics sector

• The president of the Port of Castellón affirms that collaboration between the two entities is key to generating economic growth

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Rafa Simó en el Propeller

Rafa Simó highlights the opportunity of the Reconstruction

Plan The president of PortCastelló participates in a colloquium in the Propeller Club Castellón

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Stella Maris

Rafa Simó recognizes the work of Stella Maris in PortCastelló

The Port Authority of Castellón will collaborate to improve and expand the facilities

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Reunión teniente alcalde del Grao

City Council and Port Authority address proposals to improve the urban environment

The Deputy Mayor of Grau, Mary Carmen Ribera, and the President of the Port Authority, Rafa Simó, have held a meeting to discuss proposals to improve the urban environment and the integration of the port with the urban area of ​​the maritime district of Castelló

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Patronato Fundación

The PortCastelló Foundation appoints Dolores Guillamón as VicePresident

The board approves the annual accounts for 2019

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Rafa Simó shows the potential of PortCastelló to the collegue of industrial engineers

The president of the Castellón Port Authority has indicated that “rail connectivity is not an opportunity for the future, but a need for the present

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Reunión jurado V Premios Faro

The jury of the V Faro PortCastelló Awards selects the winners of its 9 categories

The Castellón Port Authority has hosted the meetings of the juries that have selected the winners of the nine categories that recognize merits in Communication, Innovation, Business Career, Occupational Safety, Business Initiative, Environmental Protection, Social Commitment, Equality and Culture

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70.000 toneladas de arcilla

PortCastelló unloaded 78.925 tons of clay

This is the second most important landing in the history of the port of Castellón of this raw material

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PortCastelló and Almassora City Council forge alliances in the logistics area

The Almassora City Council and the Castellón Port Authority will promote joint actions regarding the future development of the logistics area that will be developed next to the Castellón port and which contemplates the future General Urban Planning Plan of Castelló.

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Escala a Castelló

‘Escala a Castelló’ will start on October 8 with an anticovid protocol and free visits

The mayor presents the third edition and highlights the importance of continuing to anchor the event in Castelló as a local tourist reference

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Consejo de Administración

PortCastelló approves a Code of Good Environmental Practices

Rafa Simó informs the Board of Directors of the evolution of freight traffic and trusts that August will be a turning point

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The Centennial Pier hosts the inauguration ceremony of the president of the Castellón Port Authority

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Obras edificio aduanas

The port recovers the customs service

The government subdelegate in Castellón and the president of the Port Authority visit the works, which will conclude in December

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Libro de honor

PortCastelló and Castellón Provincial Council will undertake joint lines of action

The president of the Castellón Port Authority invites the provincial institution to attend the Board of Directors

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Graneles líquidos

PortCastelló grows in august and disrupts the Covid-19 trend

PortCastelló closes the period with 1,885,692 tons thanks to liquid bulks

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Desembarque material militar

PortCastelló welcomes the landing of military material from Iraq

Vehicles and military material have been part of the operation “Inherent Resolve”

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Exposición Magallanes

PortCastelló hosts the photo exhibition “Magallanes and Elcano’s Trip Along the Spice Trail”

The exhibit consists of photographs, official documents and audios which explain the details of the trip in a chronological way

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Sede Autoridad Portuaria

PortCastelló tops the ranking of port authorities in terms of transparency

The Castellón Port Authority is the most transparent in the Spanish port system, according to Dyntra, the first collaborative platform in the world that measures transparency when publishing data on the websites of different public organizations

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Mayor cargamen

PortCastelló receives the largest shipment of corn in its history

The Costa Sur dock in the Portsur bulk terminal of the port of Castellón hosts an unloading operation of 65,000 tons of corn from Brazil, which represents the largest shipment of this product that has been received to date at the port facilitie

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Visita Ábalos a PortCastelló

The investments planned in PortCastelló exceed 200 million

 Rafa Simó has referred to the consolidation of the project for the new area of logistics and industrial activities next to the port of Castellón as an element to attract investments “that can increase and diversify the productive fabric of Castellón

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10-09-20 Amparo Marco reunión presidente PortCastelló Rafa Simó

City Council and Port Authority reinforce the alliance to promote strategic projects

The mayor and the new president agree on the need to promote the station intermodal and rail access to the port

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2020-09-08 visita obras dársena sur

Rafa Simó visits the construction site of the south dock of PortCastelló

The investment in the overpass over the Iberdrola canal and the fire network amounts to 2,577,386 euros

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Rafa Simó, presidente APC

Rafa Simó takes office as President of the Port Authority of Castellon

His goal is to consolidate the achievements of the previous year, and to gain in competitiveness, sustainability, and integration of port and city

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Medidas contra COVID-19

Port Castelló, the first Port Authority to be certified by AENOR in the face of the Coronavirus

This stamp recognizes the COVID-19 safety measures implemented by the Port Authority of Castellon to ensure a safe environment for their clients and employees

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Francisco Toledo en Propeller Club CS

State ports direct aid efforts to port sector due to COVID-19

Francisco Toledo emphasizes efforts to strengthen Castellon´s port in response to COVID-19, and supports the rescheduling of the plans related to the Port Castello railway

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Lighthouses shine on the coast of Castellon in recognition of World Maritime Navigation Aid Day

Peñiscola, Irta, Orpessa, Castellón de la Plana, the Columbretes Islands, and Nules will take part in the commemoration

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Consejo de Administración junio 2020

Port Castelló closed out 2019 with 10 million in profits

The port of Castellon has become the most resource-rich port in Spain

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Vista aérea

La Plaza del Mar: 25 Years Serving the Community

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most unique projects implemented by the Port Authority, whose goal was to transform Castellon into a city of leisure for the enjoyment of its citizens

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Señalización por COVID19

Port Castelló, A Safe Port

The Port Authority of Castellon has developed a Contingency Plan, detailing various possible scenarios, to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus

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Muelle pesquero

Fishing in Port Castelló, a sector full of history and tradition

The fishing sector and the port of Castellon have worked collaboratively for years, propelling each other forward and supporting one another mutually in economic and social activities within the province

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