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All ready in PortCastelló for ‘II Escala a Castelló’

24 April 2019

Francisco Toledo highlights that “the port opens to the city in a unique event o organised by the Town Council of Castellón and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana”

The event to celebrate the sea will be held between 25 and 29 April

The port of Castellón is ready to host the II edition of Escala a Castelló, which takes place from 25 to 29 April in the port of Castellón. An event promoted by the City Council of Castelló, in collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the Port Authority of Castellón, and which last year brought together 75,000 people.

The president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, has emphasised the value of this  “innovative and unique event”. “The port not only has the duty to collaborate but the obligation to participate in a festival of seafaring traditions, which is a commitment to tourism and to diversify the economy of Castellón,” he said. “With this initiative PortCastelló opens up to the city.”

Escala to Castelló will start tomorrow at 5:00 pm with the opening of the marine market and a grand opening parade. If weather conditions permit, the arrival of the first historic ships is scheduled. Among them, the Santa María Manuela, a Portuguese cod fishing boat of 64 meters in length that will come from Lisbon expressly to participate in the event.

El Galeón Andalucía, 46 meters long, will be present once more  after the success of last year. Also the Santa Eulalia. Also participating, for the first time, the Spanish Navy with an ocean going patrol boat, the Tarifa, of almost 70 meters in length, which even has a helicopter landing pad on its deck.

One novelty this year is the exhibition of the nautical jousts, which are carried out on board of two boats powered by rowers and in whose bows are placed the ‘knights’, with their spears and whose objective is to knock their adversary into the water . The show that originates from Sète, and visitors will be able to watch the show on Saturday April 27, late evening, or Sunday 28 in the morning.

With the aim of  putting on an even better event than last year, static  balloons will provide a spectacular backdrop, as well as a fireworks display, in order to offer more excitement for thousands of attendees, and with the obvious objective of exceeding the 75,000 people who attended last year.

Visitors can also go on board a trawler fishing boat, to see first-hand how this traditional method is carried out; also to walk around a marine salvage vessel, a patrol boat of the Civil Guard and a sailing boat with Latin sails.

The organizers have highlighted the work of the Club Náutico de Castelló, since it will once again organize introductions for younger visitors to sea sports and activities, gymkhanas, children’s workshops and aquatic exhibitions. The programming has taken into account the little ones, who can enjoy in the “Children’s Corner” a puppet theater, competitions, games, craft workshop, and knot tying and juggling.

In addition, the City of Castellón has increased the number of trams to provide more public transport to the port of Castellón.

For this II Escala to Castelló the Port Authority has organized the exhibition “Plano a Plano. 150 years of the port of Castellón “in the Moruno building, which includes  model ships.

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