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The PortAuthority of Castellón equips the Costa Quay in order to enhance its value for tourism

18 March 2019

100.000 euros will be invested in tiling in order to improve the appearance of the area

The Port Authority of Castellón has invested 100,000 euros in tiling the rear parts of commercial establishments in the Plaza del Mar with the aim of smartening up this area of the Costa Quay and enhance its value for tourism.

The works have consisted of the construction of a ventilated facade which allows parts of the commercial establishments where rubbish containers are kept, to be hidden and which are next to the Plaza de Séte. It is one of the actions designed to make the area more attractive being carried out by the Port Authority in order to make the leisure area a centre for tourists. The facade is made of ceramic materials which will be lit up during the night.

This action is added to others already carried out by PortCastelló which have cost 300,000 euros and which are designed to make the Costa Quay area a centre for leisure activities. One idea is to open the Plaza de Séte to public use at a cost of 180,000 euros, the construction of new toilets in the Plaza del Mar adapted for people with restricted mobility, the installation of electrical points along the Costa Quay that we will make it easier to set up leisure activities which until needed mobile power production, the elimination of the water channel by the entrance of the Moruno building which was causing problems for pedestrians, the elimination of vents and their replacement by benches as well as a reorganization of parking space.

The president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, has highlighted the importance of making the best use of the Costa Quayy as a tourist attraction and an area where activities which bring the port and local people together can take place. “More and more successful events are taking place which show confidence in PortCastelló such as the Red Pier Festival and the ‘Escala en Castelló’.”

Francisco Toledo also referred to the significant increase in the number of visits by school children and students to the port as a part of the programme ‘Know your Port’ which has been set up by the Port Authority of Castellón. “Making the port of Castellón the driving force behind the economy of the province means more than just investing in industrial infrastructure, it is necessary to bring the port closer to the town and make it more attractive.



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