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PortCastelló will remove 47 vehicles which have been abandoned in the port area

28 January 2019

The Port Authority of Castellón has undertaken the necessary legal action to remove 47 abandoned vehicles, which have been abandoned in the port. Most of them are in the interior area, in the northern area, but there are some around the Plaza del Mar and in the car park in the northern zone. There are cars, trailers, half trailers, vans, lorries, excavators and even a bus.

The Port Authority has identified the owners of these vehicles and from now on will be working to complete legal procedures which might take some months. The owners have one month to remove their vehicles. If they do not, the Port Authority will remove them and they will disposed of as solid waste products with the corresponding charges being made to the owners and procedures for applying the relevant sanctions commenced.

Of the vehicles that have been identified as abandoned, 17 are already under sanction from various Spanish courts and for this reason it is necessary to inform the ‘Dirección General de Tráfico’ of the situation in order to be able remove the vehicle from their register.

One the vehicles have been removed a considerable amount of space will be made free which can then be used by concession holders in the port.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has stated that “no port can allow itself to become a junk yard for scrap metal” for this reason, “we have initiated the necessary procedures to clean up the area and which will provide us with more space.”

At the same time, Francisco Toledo has indicated that measures will be taken to ensure that this situation does not arise again. He said,“These abandoned vehicles are a source of contamination and also give a negative image of the port.”

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