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PortCastelló budget contains records investment for 2020

29 October 2019

Plan de Empresa

The Port Authority of Castellón is considering investments worth 26,296.00 euros

This amount means multiplying by nine times the investment over a five year period. 

The Port Authority of Castellón (APC) and the State Ports Public Authority (OPPE) ) have reached an agreement concerning the Business Plan for 2020 which includes an investment budget of 26,296,000 euros. This amount means multiplying by nine investments since 2015, when 3.04 million were allocated. 

This budget will allow the promotion of productive infrastructures that will generate jobs and opportunities, such as the internal rail connection in the port of Castellón, the construction of a new liquid bulk dock, the urbanization of the southern dock and improvements in the northern dock. The tender for the intermodal station and southern rail access has also been considered, two projects to which 2.3 million will be allocated. 

In addition, the Port Authority of Castellón expects to invest in energy efficiency and actions designed to improve environmental sustainability, through an ambitious environmental protection plan that provides for 21 specific meansures and “that will place us at the forefront of this important issue,” said the president. of the entity, Francisco Toledo. In fact at the meeting , the President of State Ports, Salvador de la Encina, conveyed his congratulations for the entity’s sustainability department at the Port Authority of Castellón for its environmental protection plan.

The APC Business Plan again proposes the reduction of merchandise and shipping rates, which means PortCastelló will be among the ports of the Spanish port system with the lowest rates. It should be remembered that the port of Castellón has reduced tariffs for three consecutive years.

The reduction of rates and the approved investment plan, for an amount of more than 80 million, of which 26.3 million are allocated in 2020, “are possible thanks to the profitability of the port of Castellón.” In fact, according to the data provided by State Ports, it closes 2018 as the port with the highest profitability with respect to its own funds among the 28 Spanish port authorities. 

These good economic results are the result of revenue growth, – thanks to the increase in traffic and the location of companies in the port through concessions – and the containment of operating expenses, “and position PortCastelló as achieving the best operating results with respect  to revenues from the entire port system, which is a good measure of management efficiency. ”

The Business Plans are part of the strategic framework of technical, economic, financial and human resources development of the Spanish port system as a whole. 













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