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PortCastelló presents the ports project 4.0 to the logistics-port sector

16 October 2019

Francisco Toledo: “It is a collaborative project of the Spanish port system that will show the way forward and become a reference point at an international level”

PortCastelló seeks innovations in Environment, Sustainability and Security 

The Port Authority of Castellón today welcomed the presentation of Ports 4.0, the largest innovation fund open for the port-logistics ecosystem. The presentation, which has been inaugurated by the president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, was attended by the Head of State Port Innovation, the fund’s promoter, and the director of Espaitec, Juan Antonio Bertolín, as well as about fifty or so startups and industry representatives interested in fund development.

In his speech the president, Francisco Toledo, highlighted the revolution brought about by the so-called Fourth Revolution and which refers to transformation towards the economy 4.0. In this sense, he has emphasized the idea that “the new digital era has the advantage that its raw material, talent and knowledge, does not need to be all in the amre place, compared to fossil materials such as oil or coal that have led other  industrial revolutions ”. In addition, he added that “knowledge does not become depleted (…), the more talent is shared, the more is generated”. “Innovation and research are elements of competitiveness and we are living an era of change in which those who know how to generate knowledge will be in the lead.” 

In relation to Ports 4.0, the president applauded initiative and pointed out that it is “a very innovative legal project.” He said he was “convinced” that “it will become a reference in the Spanish public sector”. “It is a collaborative project of the Spanish port system that will allow us to mark a way forward, produce innovation in the logistics and port sectors, and be an international benchmark.”

Meanwhile, José Antonio Bertolín, director of the Scientific and Technological Park of the UJI, has invited the port sector to meet and participate in this centre of innovation in Castellón and become a benchmark in supporting entrepreneurs, business growth and knowledge transfer. “We are a dynamic element within an innovative ecosystem, because we connect science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.” 

Likewise, the great interest that the fund has generated in the logistics-port environment of Castellón has been underlined. The port and its ecosystem are open to receive, promote and incorporate innovations in every sector  defined by Ports 4.0. Although its strategic situation on the map of ports in Spain, suggests that the first steps should be to prioritize innovations in the field of Environment, Sustainability and Security, and is offered as a “testing ground” for projects and ideas selected in the framework of Ports 4.0.


Two tranches of 12 million euros 

The representative of Puertos del Estado, José Llorca, has announced that “the Ports 4.0 fund will be in two tranches of 12 million each.” “The first one will be activated immediately after having passed all administrative procedures,” he explained.

Llorca explained the main terms on which the call will be based, which is waiting to be inormed of the details that will be published in the regulatory bases. The head of Innovation of Ports of the State has assured that the requirements for the presentation of projects “will not be cumbersome, it has been designed so that they are as simple as possible”.

The presentation in Castellón is part of the programme to provide information that Puertos del Estado is carrying out in the main Spanish ports with the support of the technical office responsible for adjudication, the UTE of KPMG and Innsomnia. The next event will be held on Monday, October 21 in Seville and those interested can register at this link.













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