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PortCastelló multiplies by four its traffic with Morocco in two years

18 June 2019

Vista aérea puerto de Castellón

 It will participate with its own stand at a fair in Casablanca to present its logistics potential

The port of Castellón will participate with its own stand at the Mediterranean Ports & Shipping fair, held in Casablanca from 25 to 27 of June. PortCastelló will attend this event to present its logistics potential, as well as its connections with Morocco, currently the second most important destination country for exports from PortCastelló. 

In the first 5 months of this year, traffic between the port of Castellón and Morocco has multiplied by four with respect to 2017, going from 63,442 tons in 2017 to 260,829 tons in 2019, “which shows that this destination has a huge growth potential “,according to the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo. 

Exports from PortCastelló in the first 5 months of this year have reached 183,562 tons, compared to 36,141 that were accounted for in 2017, which means that in just two years exports have multiplied by five. The growth of the traffic in tiles, which have gone from 1,270 tons in 2017 to 115,070 in 2019, which means that it has multiplied by 9, is especially remarkable.  Also impressive is the growth in frits, which has gone from 83 tons in 2017 to the 24,854 so far this year. 

Regarding imports, they have multiplied by 2.8, going from 27,300 tons from January to May 2017 to 77,267 tons in 2019. The growth in the import of fertilizers stands out, which has gone from 13,113 tons in 2017 to 23,605 this year , which represents an 80% growth. We must also highlight the increase in the importation of phosphates, of which no imports were registered in 2017, while the figure stands at 15,920 tons at the present.

The objective of the marketing activities that will be carried out in Casablanca is to strengthen trade with this country, after the increases that have taken place thanks to the opening of regular container lines by the shipping companies MSC and Borchard last year. In fact, Morocco has gone from occupying the 21st place of exports from the port of Castellón in 2017, to be in second place this year, just behind Algeria.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, explained that “we had direct connections with practically all of Africa and South Africa, but not with Morocco” and that limited the traffic with that country “. He confirmed that “since we have had direct connections, traffic has grown dramatically”.

Francisco Toledo has said that the data shows that in Morocco there is a great business opportunity, both in import and export, and has indicated that “trade between Spain and Morocco through the port of Castellón will expand and develop” .


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