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PortCastelló with #8M

8 March 2019

The Port of Castellón has joined with the #8M demonstrations in a gathering in which placards such as the following were exhibited.’Together better’ ‘Sisterhood’ ‘We want them alive’ ‘No sexist language’ ‘Male chauvinism kills’ ‘No to the salary gap’ ‘Break the glass ceiling’’ ‘No means no’ ‘Not one less’ ‘Equality adds up’

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, stated that with this demonstration “we wish to support the role of women in all fields and especially professional work, where the presence of women is constantly increasing, but without the corresponding equality of conditions and opportunities.

Francisco Toledo went on to say that “public administrative bodies should make every effort so that everyone has the possibility to combine their personal and working lives and to encourage women to to take up positions of responsibility and to make it easier for them to get access to professions traditionally dominated by men……It is important that mark out this way forward and make it clear that we are working towards greater equality not only in numbers but also in responsibility and opportunities to access professions.”

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