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PortCastelló holds a drill for emergencies

11 December 2019

Simulacro de emergencia en PortCastelló

PortCastelló Control Center, Castellón City firefighters and port police have practised the operation necessary for the rescue of an operator in danger as the result of a hypothetical leak of ammonia.

The port of Castellón this morning staged an emergency drill. Specifically, all the necessary operations have been launched in the face of a hypothetical ammonia leak in one of the terminals of the northern dock and rescue of an operator trapped inside a warehouse. The exercise required the activation of the Interior Emergency Plan of the port and involved the participation of the Emergency Control Center of PortCastelló, municipal fire station and port police.

The drill mobilised a unit of the municipal fire station consisting of three trucks. For its part, the port police were in charge of receiving the external aid at the meeting point and driving them to a safe area, sectoring roads and controlling the access of authorized persons and vehicles to the emergency zone, as well as collaborating in the evacuation of the port. 

This simulation is one of the actions carried out throughout the year by the port of Castellón to implement the coordination of the various emergency services that must participate in the event of a fire in their service area, and checkl the times of response and communication protocols so that the action is effective.


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