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“Picasso, the journey of Guernica” receives more than 21,000 visits

3 September 2019

Exposición Picasso en PortCastelló

The exhibition has been open all summer in the Sète de PortCastelló square

The exhibition Picasso, the journey of  ‘Guernica’  has received a total of 21,595 visitors during the time it has remained open in the Sète square of the port of Castellón, next to the Plaza del Mar. Of the total visits, almost 17,000 have been free and the rest correspond to organized groups. 

The average number of daily visitors has risen to 480, a very successful participation by people interested in learning about the history surrounding the work of the master Picasso which has been organized by the Social Work La Caixa and the National Museum Center of Art Queen Sofia. 

This is the third exhibition that the La Caixa Social Work has put on in  the recreational area of ​​PortCastelló, after Illusionism, magic or science? and Romanorum Vita. A history of Rome.


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