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PortCastelló promotes its connections with Morocco

27 June 2019

Ponencia Casablanca

Representatives of the Port Authority of Castellón speak at “Mediterranean Ports & Shipping”  

The Port Authority of Castellón has participated with presentations at the  Mediterranean Ports & Shipping trade fair that closes today in Casablanca. The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, together with the port director, Ana Ulloa, have shown the growth experienced in the port area of ​​Castellón with their presentation “Role of Castellón in promoting innovation and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean region” .

Francisco Toledo and Ana Ulloa  highlighted the geostrategic position of the port of Castellón, as part of the Mediterranean corridor, as well as the actions that have been undertaken during the last three years in terms of environmental protection, with 18 specific measures, mainly related to the reduction of particulate emissions to the atmosphere.

Those responsible for the Port Authority of Castellón have reported the growth experienced in the port of Castellón in the traffic of all types of merchandise, which places it at number 9 in the Spanish port system and closing 2018 with a total of 21,137. 477 tons moved through its docks. In particular, PortCastelló is the 4th port in solid bulk traffic, the 7th in liquid bulk, the 9th in general merchandise, the 7th in container traffic and the 5th in import / export.

Francisco Toledo and Ana Ulloa highlighted the versatile profile of the port of Castellón, linked to the productive sectors of the province of Castellón, and have reported the planned productive infrastructures in terrestrial connectivity “to place Castellón as one of the best connected ports in the system “, as explained by the president of the Port Authority of Castellón.

The participation of the Port Authority of Castellón in the Mediterranean Ports & Shipping is relevant given the freight traffic it has with Morocco, currently the second country of destination for exports from PortCastelló, when just two years ago it was placed 21st in terms of exports from the port area of ​​Castellón.

In the first 5 months of this year, traffic between Castellón and Morocco has multiplied by four compared to 2017, from 63,442 tons in 2017 to 260,829 tons in 2019. 

In particular, exports from PortCastelló in the first 5 months of this year have reached 183,562 tons, compared to 36,141 tons that were recorded in 2017, which means that exports have multiplied by five in just two years. The growth of the trade in tiles has been spectacular having gone from 1,270 tons in 2017 to 115,070 in 2019, which means that it has multiplied by 90.  The growth of frits is also remarkable, having gone from 83 tons in 2017 to the 24,854 so far this year. 

Regarding imports, they have multiplied by 2.8, going from 27,300 tons from January to May 2017 to 77,267 tons in 2019. The growth in the import of fertilizers stands out, which has gone from 13,113 tons in 2017 to 23,605 this year , which represents an 80% growth. We must also highlight the increase in the import of phosphates, of which no imports were registered in 2017, and are 15,920 tons at present.

The Port Authority of Castellón considers that there are great business opportunities  in Morocco, both for imports and exports, and that is why during the trade mission contact with the port of Casablanca has been established in order to strengthen developing trade relations.

At present, the port of Castellón has regular lines with Morocco through the shipping companies MSC and Borchard, as well as other connections with North Africa with Medkon Lines, SEM and MTL Spain. According to a recent study conducted by the Valencia Port Foundation, the port of Castellón is the fifth best Spanish port in terms of maritime connectivity.



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