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Arcadi España highlights that the intermodal station of Castelló in 2022 will be vital for the growth of the port

20 November 2019

Arcadi España visita el puerto de Castellón

The Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi Espana, highlighted in his first visit to PortCastelló, that the Intermodal Station of Castelló will be vital “not only for the port but for the growth of the whole province ”.

Arcadi Espana has presented, together with the president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, the functional study of the intermodal station that will be located around the port of Castelló. The objective, stressed the Minister, “is that it is fully operational, providing services to the port and especially to the city of Castelló and its metropolitan area, in 2022.” In this regard, he highlighted that 500 trucks per day that will pass through these port facilities.

According to the head of Public Works, “we are fortunate to have a port in the Community such as Castellón, which is growing at an above average rate and is perfectly complemented by the rest of the ports of the Community where Castelló has made and occupied an important niche ”.Likewise, he said that it is “a port that is growing in a sustainable way and that knows how to adequately respond  to the demands of the people of Castellón with respect to the need to grow, create jobs, but to do better, with environmental matters and maintain a dialogue with the local people and to respond to the needs of the environment ”.

For the Minister, “the port of Castelló is achieving these aims and it is an example that we must follow. Its effort has been recognized and rewarded by the European Union with the co-financing of rail access, and the next steps to be taken, continuing with this model of success and integration of this port with the city and with the industrial and agri-food sector of the province, is the intermodal station ”.

For his part, the president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, has valued the collaboration of the Generalitat in the intermodal project and the conclusion of the functional study that is the prerequisite for beginning  the construction project.

The functional study foresees the construction of an intermodal station with double entry and exit of freight trains and a total of six electrified tracks in its first phase. The project contemplates the possibility of its extension in a second phase. It will occupy an area of ​​30 hectares and will have mixed UIC and Iberian gauge tracks.


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