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The judges of the PortCastelló Faro Awards recognizes the work of Levante-EMV

12 February 2019

The jury has praised its publication of “Distrito Portuario” which explains the importance of ports for the economy of their surrounding districts


The judges of the IV Portcastelló Faro Awards has proposed Levante-EMV in the category of Communication. The panel’s proposal will be put before the next Director’s Meeting of the Port Authority of Castellón

A panel of judges composed of professionals from the field of communication, together with representatives of the Port Authority, have had the responsibility of considering the various candidates that ave been put forward. The panel has given recognition to the work done by the ‘Levante’ newspaper of Castellón, which in May last year started a regular feature entitled “Distrito Portuario” (Port District) since they are aware of the important role that the general ports play in the economy of the Valencian region.

Every Saturday a double page section provides news and information about the ports of Valencia, Castellón, Alicante, Gandía and Sagunto, and a wide coverage of the business activities that are connected to the port installations, such as shipping companies, shipping agents transit companies , stevedores ship owners, transport and logistics companies, among others.

With “Distrito Portuario” Levante has become the first general newspaper to include a regular feature on ports. The panel of judges has recognised this and especially that by means of a general newspaper, news of innovation at the Port of Castellón reaches every corner of the Valencian Region.

Levante-EMV was originally founded in 1872 and belongs to the publishing company Prensa Ibérica, a leader in its sector in Spain for providing local and regional news. The paper has the highest circulation in the Valencian Region with 210.000 readers daily in its printed edition and 254.240 readers on line. Among its most important editions is Levante de Castellón, published since 1991. d

The aim of the PortCastelló Awards scheme is to “give recognition to the work done by individuals or companies related to the port and to reinforce the sense of a Port Community”. This according to Francisco Toledo, President of the PortAuthority of Castellón who made this point at a recent meeting with judges.



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