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Simulacro de emergencia en PortCastelló

PortCastelló holds a drill for emergencies

PortCastelló Control Center, Castellón City firefighters and port police have practised the operation necessary for the rescue of an operator in danger as the result of a hypothetical leak of ammonia.

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Cartel IV Red Pier Fest

PortCastelló will host the IV Red Pier Fest

The festival will be held for the fourth time between May 22 and 24 with a more charitable and  sustainable theme

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Arcadi España visita el puerto de Castellón

Arcadi España highlights that the intermodal station of Castelló in 2022 will be vital for the growth of the port

Francisco Toledo stresses that it will be a unique intermodal centre because of its characteristics in the Community

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Cuadro de Mando Integral (CMI)

PortCastelló has incorporated the working group for the improvement of the CMI

Barcelona, ​​Cartagena, Castellón, Coruña, Gijón and Valencia have been the pilot authorities chosen to lead this project that aims to revise the current model, which dates from 2001

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Puerto de Castellón

The port of Castellón acheives a new record in total goods traffic

PortCastelló closes the best October in its history by moving a total of 1,881,977 tons

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Plan de Empresa

PortCastelló budget contains records investment for 2020

The Port Authority of Castellón is considering investments worth 26,296.00 euros

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2019-10-23 Fruit Attraction1

The port of Castellón participates in Fruit Attraction 2019

117 years later PortCastelló continues to serve the productive sectors of Castellón: ceramic, energy, chemical and agri-food

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Ports 4.0 (2)

PortCastelló presents the ports project 4.0 to the logistics-port sector

Francisco Toledo: “It is a collaborative project of the Spanish port system that will show the way forward and become a reference point at an international level”

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Consejo Administración Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón

PortCastelló will be linked to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in its strategic plan

Francisco Toledo has informed the Board of Directors of the European aid obtained for the port’s railway connection

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Stella Maris

PortCastelló hosts a conference for the Stella Maris centers along the Spanish coast

This biannual meeting is organized by the Spanish Episcopal Conference and has the close collaboration of the Port Authority and the City Council of Castellón

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PortCastelló en Cersaie2019

PortCastelló is presented in Cersaie as the Port of Ceramics

PortCastelló is present at the `Cersaie´ trade fair in the Italian city of Bologna to support the ceramics sector of the province, advertise infrastructure and services that it has to offer and to make clear the benefits of operating from this logistics base

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Jornada ATC en PortCastelló

The current impact of Industry 4.0 on Port Authority will be discussed at a conference

The headquarters of the Port Authority of Castelló today hosted the presentation of the Focus Pyme and Entrepreneurship Industry 4.0 conference entitled ‘The process, product and customer experience in a 4.0 company’

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Muelle de la Cerámi

PortCastelló participates in Cersaie to display its alliance with the ceramic sector

The port of Castellón will advertise its competitive advantages at the Bologna fair 

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PortCastelló en Seatrade Europe

PortCastelló advertises its cruise offer in Hamburg

The port of Castellón is taking part in Seatrade Europe 2019, the most important trade fair in the cruise ship sector, held in Hamburg (Germany) , to show its potential as a cruise destination

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Visita delegación coreana a PortCastelló

A korean delegation has come to see the commercial and leisure opportunities of PortCastelló

PortCastelló has been visited by a delegation from the city of Hwaseong, located north of the Republic of South Korea, to learn about the commercial and leisure opportunities of the port

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Exposición Picasso en PortCastelló

“Picasso, the journey of Guernica” receives more than 21,000 visits

The exhibition has been open all summer in the Sète de PortCastelló square

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Graneles líquidos puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló closes the best month of its history in total goods traffic

In July a total of 2,072,627 tons went through the port and the interannual growth is 8.3%

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PortCastelló acoge una exposición sobre Picasso

The plaza de Sète welcomes “Picasso, the journey of Guernica”

Coinciding with the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Guernica, the exhibition offers a historical tour of the work of Picasso from its beginning in Paris in 1937

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Muelle de cruceros

The cruise vessel `Marella Dream´ docks in PortCastelló

This vessel comes from  Marella Cruises, operated by the group TUI United Kingdom, which offers cruise vacations in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia

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PortCastelló closes june with more records

The port of Castellón closes the best month June of its history in total goods traffic. It is also the best month in solid bulk and liquid bulk traffic

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Ports of the mediterranean join in defense of the corridor

The ports value the role of FERRMED and the Commissioner for development of the corridor

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Ponencia Casablanca

PortCastelló promotes its connections with Morocco

The Port Authority of Castellón has participated with presentations at the  Mediterranean Ports & Shipping trade fair that closes today in Casablanca

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Morocco is now the second most important destination for exports from PortCastelló

The port of Casablanca has highlighted the link with the port of Castellón, given the importance of imports of ceramic products via Casablanca

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PortCastelló approves its annual accounts for 2018 that place it as the third most profitable port

The result of the 2018 fiscal year places the port of Castellón as the third most profitable in the country and as the first in operating results with respect to revenues

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Vista aérea puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló multiplies by four its traffic with Morocco in two years

It will participate with its own stand at a fair in Casablanca to present its logistics potential

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Muelle transversal exterior

PortCastelló draws up a preventive maintenance plan for its facilities

The Port Authority has suspended  operations in an area of ​​the Dique Transversal Exterior due to its deteriorated state. Given the urgency of this matter, 3.5 million euros will be invested in its repair

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PortCastelló en Transport Logistic

PortCastelló participates in Transport Logistic in Munich

The port of Castellón has held several meetings at the fair to present its innovations in the field of productive and logistics infrastructure

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At Breakbulk Europe PortCastelló shows its sustained records in solid bulks

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, stressed that the port of Castellón is an essential logistics node in the Mediterranean

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PortCastelló will host a summit on the Mediterranean corridor

The conference will be focused specifically on the railway connectivity of the port enclaves and will involve representatives of ports associated with FERRMED

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The ITC confirms the efficiency of the anti-dust screens installed in the port of Castellón

The Port Authority of Castellón has placed a total of three anti-dust screens in the port: one in the Transversal Exterior pier, another in the Cerámica dock, and the third in the south basin.

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Crucero puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló prepares to receive the luxury cruise vessel Crystal Esprit at the Levante dock

This luxury cruise vessel began operating in 2016 through of the North American company Crystal Cruises, a subsidiary of the Japanese shipping company Nippon Yusen Kaisha

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“Plan by Plan. 150 years of the port of Castellón “receives 4,000 visitors

” The exhibition “Plan by plan. 150 years of the port of Castellón”has already received 4,000 visits since its inauguration three weeks ago in the Moruno del Grau building in Castellón

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PortCastelló shows its potential to the businesses from Teruel

The port of Castellón is presented as “the gateway for Teruel” in a day that brings together 45 entrepreneurs in the port

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The ‘Muelle de Ceramica’ at PortCastelló will operate under concession from June 1

The commitment to work 24 hours a day when necessary will attract new traffic

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All ready in PortCastelló for ‘II Escala a Castelló’

An event promoted by the City Council of Castelló, in collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the Port Authority of Castellón, and which last year brought together 75,000 people

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“Plan by plan. 150 years of the port of Castellón”

Francisco Toledo inaugurates an exhibition with unpublished documents and photographs that confirm the creation and expansion of PortCastelló

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Puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló closes february with record figures for this month for total goods traffic

PortCastelló continues its steady growth and closes its best February ever for goods traffic

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The PortAuthority of Castellón equips the Costa Quay in order to enhance its value for tourism

100.000 euros will be invested in tiling in order to improve the appearance of the area

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PortCastelló with #8M

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón stated that “we wish to support the role of women in all fields and especially professional work, where the presence of women is constantly increasing, but without the corresponding equality and opportunities.

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The Port Authority of Castellón draws up its code of ethics

The Port Authority Castellón has signed an agreement in collaboration with the Jaume I University to draw up a Code of Ethics and Conduct

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BP, Noatum, TMG, Col.lectius per la Cultura al Grau and Stella Maris, selected for the IV PortCastelló Lighthouse Awards

The panel of judges has recognised their work in the fields of Safety in the Workplace, Environmental Protection and Social Commitment

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The IV edition of the PortCastelló Lighthouse Awards chooses Sebastián Roca, Portsur, Wista Spain and Mercadona

The proposals of the jury will be put before the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón at its next meeting and then on the 12th April the presentation of the awards will take place

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PortCastelló closes 2018 with an increase of 14,1% in profits which reach nearly 11 million euros

PortCastelló closes 2018 with an increase of 14.1% in profits which went form 9.5 million euros in 2017 to 10.8 million euros in 2018, and this in spite of the reductions in fees

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The judges of the PortCastelló Faro Awards recognizes the work of Levante-EMV

The jury has praised its publication of “Distrito Portuario” which explains the importance of ports for the economy of their surrounding districts

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amarre granel líquido

Port of Castellón will inaugurate a new dock for bulk liquids this year

The Port Authority of Castellón has adjudicated the new bulk liquids dock project in the south basin to UTE CYES MARITIME WORKS – ROVER ALCISA for the sum of 3.443.850 euros

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In 2018 PortCastelló increased its traffic in citric fruits by 5.7%

The port of Castellón is participating in Fruit Logistic in Berlín through the PortCastelló Foundation

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PortCastelló participates in Cevisama with record figures for total traffic and ceramics traffic

The port of Castellón is attending the annual ceramics fair of Cevisama once again to present the implicit alliance between the ceramics sector and PortCastelló

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Jornada Conexus

PortCastelló allocates 60 millions euros to improve its railway connections

The president of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, emphasised that “ports play a key role in the circulation of goods traffic by railway given that 80% of imports and 60% of exports go through ports”

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PortCastelló will remove 47 vehicles which have been abandoned in the port area

The Port Authority has identified the owners of these vehicles and from now on will be working to complete legal procedures which might take some months

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PortCastelló will host the II Escala a Castelló

Francisco Toledo has highlighted that ‘ the port opens to the town in a unique event thanks to the Town Council of Castellón and the Valencian Region Tourism Agency.’

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435360 0338

PortCastelló closes a year of records

PortCastelló ends 2018 with an accumulated growth of 18% , six times greater than the rest of the ports system.

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IES Sant Mateu

More than a thousand students and school children have participated in “know your port”

A total of 1.148 students from 28 schools from all over the province of Castellón have participated in the ‘Know your Port’ programme set up by the Port Authority of Castellón.

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Premios Faro1

The Port Authority of Castellón starts off the IV edition of the lighthouse awards

The aim of this initiative is to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community and to give public recognition to innovative projects.

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