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Toledo has met with Soledad Ten to discuss several pending issues

7 September 2018


The representative of the central government in Castellón, Soledad Ten, and the president of the Port Authority Castellón, Francisco Toledo, have held a meeting to revise the current state of projects that are needed to keep the port competitive.


Among them is the return of customs services to the port of Castellón, which operated in the port until 2012, when the were transferred to the Tax Office in the Paseo Ribalta in Castellón. Francisco Toledo has been pressing for some time for these services to be returned to the port because, “we are the only port in the Spanish system where the customs service is exterior to the port.” The government’s representative assured Toledo that she would take the necessary steps to speed up the process and to ensure that the permission to carry out necessary building work in the building assigned for the purpose, is given as soon as possible, in order to “respond to this petition from the Port Community.”


At the same time, Soledad Ten made known the imminent increase in the number of people working at the ‘Puesto de Inspección Fronteriza’ (PIF)(Frontier Inspection.) One person will take up a vacant place. Nevertheless the president of the Port Authority insisted that it is the aim of PortCastelló to have four new members of staff and to extend the current opening hours beyond eight hours. Toledo pointed out that, “The lack of resources and and the limited opening hours are making us less competitive with other ports in the Spanish system and it slows down import traffic.”


Soledad Ten saw at first hand the latest results for PortCastelló, which make it the fourth most profitable port in the Spanish system, and ninth in the volume of goods traffic. It has a growth rate of 12%. Planned investments, mainly in infrastructure, will improve the port’s connections to the land and make it one of the best connected ports in the country. This new infrastructure includes the definitive railway connection between the two basins of the port and the intermodal station. Toledo said that,” These investments will allow traffic at the port of Castellón to continue growing which in turn will generate wealth and employment:”


For her part, Soledad Ten stated that,” the port of Castellón plays a key role in in the business activities of companies in this Province which need to export or import, and in PortCastelló they have a on their side to help increase their competitiveness.




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