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The Port Authority of Castellón calculates its carbon footprint

8 May 2018


This initiative conforms the environmental commitment of the Port Authority and will lead to a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases

The Office for Climate Change (OECC) which is a part of the Ministry Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment, has officially accepted the application by the Port Authority of Castellón to register itself voluntarily in the Register for carbon footprint compensation and projects for the absorption of carbon dioxide.

This register which is regulated by the Royal Decree 163/2014, of 14th  March, seeks to contribute to reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and to make it easier to fulfil international commitments that Spain has taken on in the field of climate change.

Now that the seal for the calculation of the carbon footprint 2016 has been obtained, the commitment of the Port Authority of Castellón to facing the challenge of efficient energy use and climate change, is confirmed. The calculation of the carbon footprint will allow greenhouse gas sources to be identified and subsequently actions may be taken to reduce such emissions.

It should be remembered that the PAC already holds the most demanding environmental certificates such as the  PERS (Port Environmental Review System), the only European award for port environmental management, and which is under the auditing supervision of Lloyd´s Register.

The calculation the carbon footprint may be added to other action taken by the Port Authority of Castellón in the environmental field such as projects already carried out to increase energy efficiency, to reduce marine pollution and the reduction of particles into the atmosphere. In addition equipment to wash the wheels of lorries leaving Ceramic quay. This will prevent lorries from spreading dust particles outside the port and there use will obligatory for all lorries.   will shortly come into operation

All these measures, according to Francisco Toledo, the president of the Port Authority, “will allow us to follow a path of sustainable growth at the Port of Castellón.”


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