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PortCastelló makes an agreement with the pilots corporation to increase the numbers of staff

25 April 2018


The president of the Port Authority of Castellón reaffirms to the Propeller Club that 2018 it will an investment year.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has informed the Propeller Club about recent actions that the PAC has taken designed to increase efficiency and the capacity of the port to compete. Among these, the agreement reached with the Pilots Corporation to take on two new people this year should be highlighted. Two more pilots will be taken on in 2019 and one more in 2020. This increase in the number of pilots will be mean the rate of ships entering and leaving the harbour will be doubled and PortCastelló will according to Toledo “gain in agility and efficiency”

The agreement to increase the number of pilots is a part of the Port Authority’s ongoing strategy to improve quality and to “face up to the challenges that the future present to the Port of Castellón”. During this meeting Toledo went on to revise the results of 2017 and he referred to 2018 as ‘a year of investment’ in which ‘new productive infrastructure will be put in place to improve the port’s land connections.

One of the most important new decisions, Toledo explained, has been that taken by the Regional Valencian Government and the Central Government about where to locate the new intermodal transport station near the port of Castellón “which will permit us to develop an important new logistics area.” He also informed the meeting that the construction work for the new southern railway access and the definitive road access to the South Basin had begun, both key developments for the optimisation of land connections.

Francisco Toledo also referred to the important investment plan due to run over several years that has been approved by Board of Directors for the Administration State Ports, which will “strengthen the potential for growth and sustainability at PortCastelló.”

Lastly, the president of the Port Authority highlighted the complete success of the  ´Escala a Castelló´ event, which between April 5th and 8th attracted 75,000 visitors to the Muelle de Costa. He said,”the Port of Castellón is a tourist attraction of the highest importance. Investing in such events is a way of gaining social acceptance” and he reiterated the willingness on the part of PortCastelló  t”o become the best ally of El Grao and its surrounding area.”


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