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PortCastelló installs traffic light in the north basin

8 June 2018

Semáforos en la dársena norte puerto de Castellón

This measure is intended to increase safety and minimise pollution.

 The Port Authority of Castellón has installed traffic lights on the perimeter road of the North Basin with the aim of increasing the safety of vehicles coming onto this road and controlling the traffic flow. This investment was made at a cost of 41.000 euros.

This is just one of a series of measures taken by the Port Authority of Castellón designed to further protect the environment and was made necessary by the reorganization of traffic flow on the roads of the Ceramics quay which came into effect last December. The changes reduced distances and improved safety. In addition a speed limit of 30 kph was introduced in order to reduce the amount of particles being released into the air.

Equipment for washing the wheels of lorries will soon be installed at the exits of the Ceramics quay to prevent particles from being carried outside the port. It will be compulsory for all lorries to use this equipment.The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has insisted on the necessity to “organise port operations and economic development in a manner which takes into account the well being of the surrounding population.” To this end, over the last three years specific measures have been taken such as the new road access to the South Basin, the installation of dust screens, the acquisition of a new floating anti pollution barrier and measures to increase energy efficiency at the port to make it more sustainable.






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