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PortCastelló installs new wind break screens in both basins

10 September 2018

PortCastelló has installed two new wind break screens with the aim of protecting the Grao of Castellón from dust particles given off during the handling of solid bulk cargo in the port area.


These barriers which trap the dust are situated on the ‘Ceramica’ Quay in the south basin and are added to those screens which were installed last year on the transverse exterior breakwater. All together the Port Authority has invested 650.000 euros in their acquisition, while the Ceramics Technology Institute is monitoring their performance and effectiveness.


The President of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, has reiterated that “one of our main aims is to minimize the impact that operations in the port have on the local environment.” Toledo insisted that the need to “combine port operations and the economic development of the port with the well being of local people.” For this reason in the last three months other specific actions have been taken such as opening a new road to to the south basin, measures to increase energy efficiency and the acquisition of a floating barrier anti pollution system unique in Europe to block the entrance of the port in any case of oil spills or such contamination.


In addition, PortCastelló took measures to minimise the emission of particles coming from lorries, “since they are also an important source of contamination”. Measures such as reorganising traffic flow, introducing speed limits and making the use of tarpaulins obligatory. In addition, before the year is out, the Port Authority will install equipment placed at the exit of the port were lorries will have to have their wheel washed to prevent particles being carried outside the port area. A company has already been selected to provide this service.


Toledo also emphasised that it should be remembered that PortCastelló holds the PERS certificate(Port Environmental Review System) “and this obliges us to systematically measure and monitor the air and water quality as well as noise levels and overall environmental impact on the port and its surroundings.


The relevance of environmental protection for PortCastelló is also reflected in the annual Lighthouse Awards, awards made annually in seven different categories, one of which recognises achievements in the field of environmental protection by companies working in the port area.





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