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PortCastelló begins the second half of the year with a 21,5% growth in traffic

28 August 2018

The Port of Castellón closes the month of July reaching nearly 2 million tons which makes it the best month in the history of the port.


The port of Castellón has achieved the best ever monthly traffic figures in July moving for monthly 1.959.009 tons of goods, which is a 21.5% increase compared to the same month of the previous year. This figure is also superior to the previous monthly record of 1.845.824 tons which was set in April last year.

This is the first time that PortCastelló has exceeded 1.900.000 tons in one month and according to the President of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, “is a clear endorsement of the strategy being carried out by the Port Authority of Castellón to invest in productive infrastructure in order to achieve sustainable growth at the port,”


The most spectacular increase in July has been in solid bulks, reaching 821.709 tons which at the same time represents the highest ever monthly figure for this type of traffic recorded at the port of Castellón. More specifically this is a an increase of 41% over the same period of last year and the percentage increase for this year now stands at 13.3%.

Francisco Toledo also pointed out that, “Until now we have never gone over 700.000 tons of solid bulks in one month, and these figures show that Castellón has the capacity to continue the growth in this type of traffic.

Liquid bulks increased 24.8% in July reaching 867.033 tons which makes an accumulated growth so far this year of 21.1%.

Container traffic registered 19.221 TEUs, which represents a decrease of 14% compared to last year, an accumulated decrease of 2.7% so far this year. General goods went down 19.8% in July, and accumulated decrease of 8.9%so far this year.

The diversification of goods traffic has allowed PortCastelló close the first seven months of the year with an accumulated figure of 12.173.602 tons, which in turn produces a 12.3% increase compared with the previous year.

Francisco Toledo emphasised that “continuing to diversify traffic and the excellent road rail connections provided by the port are allowing us to make effective use of the facilities in the South Basin. This together with the development of ParcCastelló and the intermodal station will place PortCastelló in an optimum strategic position and allow it to continue to grow.”


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