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PortCastelló closes the best month in its history

28 May 2018

Los The data confirms that the Port of Castellón has once again broken its own records and this April has seen the best ever figures for a single month, with 1.846.418 tons of goods moving through the port. The previous record for one month was January of this year with 1.825.422 tons.

The figure for April this year represents an increase of 14% on the figure for the previous year.

The most spectacular increase in April this year has been in bulk liquids with 1.008.930 tons which is an increase of 67.8% over the same period last year and an accumulated increase of 28.6% over this year.

Traffic in solid bulks went down 19% an stood at 536.174 tons. Nevertheless, the balance of the first quarter is positive with an accumulated growth of 3.2%.

Container traffic stands at 21.894 TEUs, which a drop of 4% in April, and a drop in 1.5% over the year. The traffic in general goods went down 15% and is 10% down over the year.

One significant figure is that for vessels which have operated in the port during the first four months of the year, which went up12% from 557 in 2017 to 624 in 2018.

The diversification in traffic means that the first quarter closes with an accumulated traffic of 6.584.805 tons, an increase of 11.9% compared to the previous year. The President of the Port Authority of Castelló, Francisco Toledo commented that “Our strategy to diversify traffic as the way to sustainability is bearing fruit.”

Francisco Toledo also said that,”continuing to diversify traffic, coupled with good land access routes by road and by rail,the development of the South Basin and ParcCastelló with the new intermodal transport station, place PortCastelló in a strong strategic position that will permit it to grow further.”

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