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PortCastelló approves the agreements auhtoising the concession of a solid bulks terminal on the Ceramics Quay

30 July 2018

Edificio principal de la Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón has approved the conditions for the tender for the concession on a section of the Ceramic Quay designed for the construction and operation of a solid bulks terminal. The area to be held in concession measures 16.500 m2, with 210 metres of dock front. In this area the concession holder will carry out at his own expense and liability the construction of all the works necessary for the handling of solid bulks as put forward in their proposal including the mechanical means (cranes silos, accessories, etc,) necessary for their proper use of the terminal.


In the conditions it is stipulated that equipment designed for loading and unloading vessels must be highly efficient in order to make the port more competitive as well as providing the maximum level of protection for the environment, the most important being covered and enclosed equipment for the storage of solid bulk materials, horizontal transport systems to and from storage areas and watering systems for material stored outside in order to prevent the dispersion of particles.

It is also required that the entity presenting the winning tender should obtain an environmental certificate ISO 14001.

1.000.000 tons of solid bulks annually from the first year that the concesion come into operation and the concession period will not exceed 35 years.


At the same time the president informed the Board of Directors that in October the managing Director of the Port Authority, Roberto Arzo, will give up his post at the Port Authority and take up a new post in the private sector in a field not connected to the port. Francisco Toledo expressed his thanks for the work of Roberto Arzo, who for 18 years has carried out his responsibilities making and carrying out decisions vital to the success of the Port, such as the extension of the North and South Basins, the start up of the container terminal, gaining the EFQM 500+ award for excellence in management, the strategy plan for the port and the modernization of its services.


Next September, the President of the Port Authority will put before the Board of Directors the person proposed by management.




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