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More than 150 athletes will take part in the I PortCastelló Triathlon

15 May 2018


A total of 60 volunteers will help to organise this event which will take place within the port this Sunday

Participants include, Fernando Santander, recent winner of the regional MD triathlon competition and the athlete from Castellón Province, Roberto Merhi

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, today presented the I PortCastelló Triathlon, together with the councillor for sports from Castellón town council,  Enric Porcar, as well as the organisers of the competition Vicente Barberá and Francisco Rius,  from the Castellón Triathlon Club.

This event is included in the Provincial Triathlon Cup and the Provincial Triathlon Circuit of the Province of Castellón and will take place this Sunday in a completely new course. Francisco Toledo explained, “This is a  course which is attractive, easy to see and causes little inconvenience since the the whole event takes place within the port. This event has certain intangible benefits, in that it brings the port and town closer together and it encourages healthy sport.

For his part, the councillor for sport emphasised the fact that this event,”brings the port of Castellón closer to the people who live nearby, and allows them to discover some spectacular scenery.” Enric Porcar also added that, “we have supported this idea from the start because it is original and is organised by experienced people from Castellón”, in reference to members of the Triathlon Club of Castellón.

The number of people who have registered to take part so far is 150. They will swim 750 metres, cycle 20 kilometres and run 5 kilometres. The swimming section begins from the PortCastelló marina and finishes at the Castellón Yacht Club. Spectators will be able to watch this from the Muelle de Costa. The change to bicycle will take place at the Yacht Club from where they will start a 20 kilometre course around the South Basin. The triathlon will conclude with a 5 kilometre running course around the North basin.


Well known spotsmen

Some well known athletes will be participating in the event. Fernando Santander was a finisher in the Ironman event held at Kona (Hawaii) in 2017 and is ranked number one in No Drafting Triathlon in the Valencian region. He has won the MD Triathlon in Olive three times and has achieved many other successes at the regional and national level.

Another excellent local athlete, Roberto Merhi, will take part. He is a F1 driver and an outstanding triathlete. He achieved fourth place in the Ibiza Half Marathon. He is also a keen cyclist taking part in numerous provincial competitions. .

The president of the Valencian Triathlon Federation Valeriano Moreno, is another participant.



A total of 60 volunteers will be on duty to ensure that the event runs smoothly. It will start at 1000 and it is planned to present the trophies around 1200.

The Moruno Building in the plaza del Mar del  Grao de Castellón will be the venue for the ‘runners fair’ and the place will the athletes will check in on Saturday the 19th between 1700 and 2000 to pick up their numbers. The following day they will be able to leave their belongings there. A plan of the race will be on display.

Vicente Barberá and Francisco Rius have thanked these volunteers “as well as other collaborators and sponsors and in particular the Port Authority of Castellón who have made this event a reality.


Concurrant Activities

The I PortCastelló Triathlon coincides with other activities which are taking place this weekend on the  Muelle de Costa de PortCastelló. One of these is the  II Red Pier, a family festival which is free to enter which includes concerts, childrens’ workshops, a market area where many products connected to the world of rock music will be on sale, an exhibition of vintage cars and gourmet foods. Meanwhile the Castellón HOG chapter, for Harley Davidson bikers will be holding their 18th annual gathering.

The Castellón Yacht club will also be holding the 2nd tournament for the 1st division of Kayak-Polo at a national level.


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