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Investments made by the Port Authority of Castellón will increase by 21% in 2019

The basic budget for PortCastelló will be 28.9 million euros, with reductions in tariffs

Noatum has been granted the concession on section II of the Muelle de Cerámica and will invest 26 million euros in modernizing operational methods and infrastructure

Portsur will construct a new quay 2000 metres long with an investment of 11.626.000 euros

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón has today approved the 2019 company plan for PortCastelló which forecasts income of 28.904.000 euros and running expenses of 21.396.000 euros. At the same time, the budget for investment stands at 20.358.000 euros, 21% more than 2018, which is to be spent on productive infrastructure which will generate employment and opportunities such as the construction of a new quay for bulk liquids, the rail connection between north and south basins and the urbanization of the south basin.

The company plan proposes a 180% reduction on the goods tariff, and 5% on vessel tariffs as well as reductions on certain key traffic types which will come into effect with approval of the general state budget or with the necessary legal permission.

The Board of Directors has made the following agreements:

  • Appoint Ana Ulloa Piñeiro, managing director of the Port Authority of Castellón and spokesperson for the PortCastelló Foundation in representation of the Port Authority
  • Approve the adjudication to Noatum Terminal Castellón S.A. of the concession for construction and operation of a solid bulks terminal situated on the second section of the Muelle de Cerámica.

Noatum has made a commitment to invest 26.213.403 euros in machinery and buildings (VAT not included). It will construct an a completely closed industrial building for operations at the terminal which will use a continuous conveyor belt system up to this building. Also to be installed are weighing machines, wheel washing equipment and ecological hoppers. Environmental protection measures will be enhanced by the installation of water spraying systems. The offer proposes additional charges for occupancy and operations which add up to 71.820 euros over the 35 years that the concession lasts, giving a final amount to be paid of 15.982.066,86 euros.

In addition Noatum plans investment in three improvements to infrastructure: moving the lighthouse, deepening the water level from 12 to 14 metres and the construction of a second industrial building in the rear part of the Muelle de Cerámica but connected to the main quay.

Noatum plans to operate 24/7 every day of the year with a permanent staff of 20 people.

In this way Noatum has complied with the items established by the Port Authority in the conditions of the tender and also introduces various innovations in solid bulks operations which will improve efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and environmental protection.

  • Select the application made by Integral Shipping Company S.L. for the concession of a surface area of  10.070,43 m2 , in the northern zone of the port, which will be used for the storage and operations connected with the handling of projects and equipment for wind generation as well as general goods. There will also be an investment of 360.681,94 € to construct a hard surface.
  • Agree on a substantial modification for the extension by 16.548 m2 to the concession held by Portsur Castellón S.A. which is used for construction and operations for handling solid bulks in the south basin. The extension to the terminal will include extending the quay by 200 metres with an investment of 11.626.000 euros and the preparation of surfaced area of approximately 200 by 90 metres. The end of the extended concession period is the same as the the original concession which runs out on the 7th August 2055. The total amount to be paid will be 730.649,78 euros, plus VAT, which can be updated annually according to current legislation.
  • Formally approve the addenda to the contract for subsidiary funding between the A Organismo Público Puertos del Estado (State Ports) and the Port Authority of Castellón, within the framework of funding contract with the European Investment Bank for a sum of 3.000.000 euros.
  • Bring up to date, without any increase on 2018, the tariffs for commercial services and eliminating the tariff for reprography
  • Modify the regulations for honorary awards made by the Port Authority of Castellón adding two new prizes to the Lighthouse Awards under the headings equality and culture.
  • Appoint Ramón Balaguer Mellado as the new secretary to the Board of Directors. Ramón Balaguer has a degree in law from the UJI, a masters degree in Law and Transport Management also from the UJI and a masters degree in Sustainability And Corporate Social Responsibility from the UNED. He has worked at the Port Authority since 2001 and is head of the Institutional Relations division and has been working with the secretary of the Board of Directors since 2005 until now. The Board congratulated the outgoing secretary D. Manuel Breva Ferrer, for the magnificent work he has done since taking up the post as a state lawyer fifty years ago.



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