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PortCastelló renews its maximum evaluation for its environmental management

28 December 2018

PortCastelló has invested 20 million euros in measures of environmental protection

PortCastelló has renewed the European certificate PERS (Port Environmental Review System), the highest award at the European level specifically for environmental management for the port sector which is given by the European Organization for marine Ports and EcoPorts.

The fulfilment of the regulation has been certified by Lloyd’s Register LRQA and is valid for two years

The PERS certificate declares the commitment of the Port Authority of Castellón to protecting the environment while creating sustainable growth and respecting the necessary environmental standards. Francisco Toledo, the president of the Port Authority of Castellón sated that, ”this certificate obliges us to systematically measure the quality of the water, the air and noise levels as well as the way the province is affected.”

Francisco Toledo insisted on the need to “combine the operations and the economic development of the port with the well being of the surrounding environment and the local population.” Among the most important actions that have been taken are the new concessions that have been made on the Muelle de la Cerámica for solid bulks terminals which will allow the port “ to gain in efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and environmental protection.”

In this way the Port Authority of Castellón has invested 1.5 million euros in recent years in environmental sustainability to which must be added 18.5 million euros invested by private companies. Among productive investments made by the Port Authority the new rail access to the soth basin stands out, as well barrier, of a type unique in Europe which can close the entrance of the port in case of an incident causing pollution.

In addition actions have been taken to minimise the emission of particles caused by the movement of trucks, such as reorganising traffic flow,limiting speed and making it mandatory for all lorries to cover their loads with tarpaulins. A system for washing the wheels of these lorries has also been installed , which they must all use and which prevents particles being carried out side the port.

PortCastelló’s commitment to environmental protection is also reflected in the Lighthouse Awards, which are made annually in seven different categories , one of which gives special recognition to companies which have made a contribution to environmental protection.

As a result of this strategy, the covered storage space has increased 18 38.500 m2. Toledo said “The whole port community is aware of the importance of improving environmental protection because it enhances our sustainable development and we mean to continue in this direction.









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