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PortCastelló approves its annual accounts with an increase of 52% in profits

27 June 2018

La Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón aprueba sus cuentas anuales con unos beneficios del 52%

These results will mean that goods tariffs for next year can be reduced by 10 %, and ship tariffs by up to 5%.

 The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón has approved the annual accounts for 2017 which showed a profit of de 9.537.332,09 euros, 52% more than last year. This excellent result places the Port of Castellón as the fourth most profitable port in the country, it is the result an improvement by 23% in operating profits, reaching 12.558.472 euros, and an improvement in the financial result by 28%, reaching 3.031.139,91 euros.

These improvements are the result of an increase in income and a reduction in costs. In particular net revenue went up 9.5% compared to 2016, reaching 28.734.718,72 euros, while personnel expenses we 1.716.588,96 euros, and other operating expenses went up by only 0.3%, reaching 5.191.341,18 euros.

It should also be highlighted that the EBITDA reached 19.279.000 euros, indicating a healthy financial situation.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón has indicated that these results will allow PortCastelló to become even more competitive in two ways, “On the one hand, our ambitious plan for productive investments has been approved and on the other a lowering of tariffs, which in 2018 may go down by 10% in the case of goods tariffs and %% in the case of ships tariffs.

At today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón certain other decisions were taken.

Award of administrative concession for a period of seven years for the occupancy and use of property 6, with a an area of 49 sq metres of closed space and a fixed terraced area of 59 sq metres and a temporary terraced area of 110 sq metres, situated in the Plaza del Mar, to be used as a restaurant. the amount to be paid annually is 22.614,07 euros.

Approve the change in name to the holder of the administrative concession held by Iberdrola Generación S.A.U. for the occupancy of a surface area to used as a discharge area for the cooling circuit, in favour of Iberdrola Generación Térmica S.L.

Approve the predicted annual extension to the services contract signed between Sociedad de Salvamento and Seguridad Marítima, SASEMAR, and the Port Authority of Castellón for the services of organization, coordination and control of maritime traffic and the coordination work and emergency action in case of accidental pollution of harbour waters at PortCastelló

Award to CONSULMAR S.L.U. the renovation for a period of seven years the license for the provision of docking services for ships in PortCastelló.

Authorise the provision of ships victualling service for merchant ships in Port Castelló to Suministros Vigil Marítimos S.L.



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