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The Frontier Inspection post will be reinforced by three new civil servants

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The Cultural Heritage Department will initiate the process by which the Naval Command building will be returned to port control.

 The Frontier Inspection post will be reinforced by three new civil servants.

 The subdelegate of the Government in Castellón, David Barelles, and the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, have held a meeting to discuss the the state of various pending matters of both institutions such as the Frontier Inspection Post (PIF), the Customs and the Naval Command Building.

Concerning the PIF, the subdelegation of the Government has announced that three new posts, of the four applied for by the PortAuthority, have been approved, in order to guarantee the efficient function of this office. At this moment there is only one civil servant on duty which “is insufficient and makes the port of Castellón less competitive compared to other ports in the Spanish system,” according to Francisco Toledo.

So, shortly, a new employee will cover a post for External Health, another post for Animal Health has been created which will be filled soon and another request for a person for ‘Plant Health’ is under consideration. “Providing employees to cover these three places will make a big improvement,” said Toledo. “Nevertheless, PortCastelló will continue to apply for a fourth civil servant to occupy the remaining place, as well as doing everything possible to extend the opening hours of the PIF from eight to 24 hours a day” The Port Authority president has indicated the possibility of “changing the current method established by central government which decides what kind of Frontier Inspection Post each port needs to one where the port contributes its own funds to ensure the optimum efficiency of the post as is done with some other services.”

At the same time. the building of the Customs Office of the port of Castellón will become operative next year. The project and budget to prepare the building which has been closed since 2012, are approved. Currently the Customs office is situated in the Tax Office in the Paseo Ribalta, Castellón.

The project will be up for tender as soon as the municipal works licence is available and with this, “Port Castelló will have at its disposal which should never have been taken out of the port and it will finally reward the efforts the Port Community has been making for many years,” commented Toledo.

Lastly, Francisco Toledo and David Barelles went over the current state of the process by which the the Naval Command building will be returned to the authority of the PAC , which the Port Authority requested in writing in 2017 from the Cultural Heritage Department. According to the subdelegation of the government, the Ministry of Defence has announced in writing its intention to make no further use of the building as a result of which the Heritage Department has begun the administrative process to transfer responsibility. The building stands on land that belongs to the Port Authority and has been closed since 2007.

Francisco Toledo thanked David Barelles for the administrative work he has done concerning these projects which are essential for the growth and development of PortCastelló.


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