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25 businesses have included themselves in the Castellón Cruise Friendly initiative

28 February 2018


The Chamber of Commerce of Castellón has hosted a meeting to inform business associations of the advantages of being included in this project

The Chamber of Commerce of Castellón has hosted a meeting in order to inform businesses in the town of the advantages of being included in the

Castellón Cruise Friendly project. The plan is to establish quality certificate that can be applied for by any business whose products or services are liable to be used by cruise ship passengers who disembark in Castellón. The mark  of this quality standard can be displayed inthe form of a shield, poster or flag.

The meeting was attended by business people from the Espai Comercial association of Castellón, as well as representatives from the PortCastelló Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Council of Castellón. L

In this first meeting a total of 25 businesses have stated their intention to become included in the project as well as to have their business open during the middle of the day when cruise ship passengers are in town.

The principle requirements in order to become a part of the  “Castellón Cruise Friendly” project are to be able to attend clients in English, to able to accept credit cards, to able to handle Tax Free, the possibility of offering some discounts and to be able to offer a free wi-fi connection.

The Town Council of Castellón for its part will organise a group of people who will move around to distribute information in the centre of town. They will be easy to identify and their job will be to guide visitors during their visit to the town.

Castelló Cruise Club, an association which is made up of the Town Council of Castellón, the Provincial Council of Castellón, the Valencian TouristAgency,

Aerocas, the University of Castellón the Port Castellón Foundation and the Port Authority has set as one of its objectives to promote the quality of goods and services being provided to cruise ship passengers in the province.

Susana Soria the person responsible for cruise ship traffic at the PortCastelló Foundation stated that, “The quality of tourist services is one of the most important factors if the needs and expectations of visitors are to be fulfilled. we want visitors to get the best possible impression of our port and our town while at the same time local business can benefit from becoming a part of this project so that together we can gain a greater sahwer of the market and become more competitve.

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