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10 restaurants and the Central Market join the “Castellón Cruise Friendly” initiative

22 May 2018

The Town Council of Castellón has drawn up a map of all the business which have signed up for this project. there are now 50 altogether.

New businesses have joined the “Castellón Cruise Friendly” project, a quality guarantee which is aimed at providing quality service to cruise ship passengers visiting the town of Castellón. Ten restaurants and the Central Market have joined the project now made up of fifty businesses that have come together since the beginning of the year. This information was made public at the recent meeting of the Castellón Cruise Club, an organization which is made up of the Town Council of Castellón, the Valencian Tourist Agency, the Chamber of Commerce, Aerocas, the Univesity of Castellón, the PortCastelló Fondation and the Port Authority of Castellón.

Castellón Cruise Club has decided to extend the period during which business can join the project until the 15th of June. Those interested must contact the Department of Tourism at the Chamber of Commerce of Castellon. From this date on, the Town Council of Castellón will draw up a plan which will be distributed for the first time to British tourists aboard the cruise ship Saga Sapphire which will visit the port of Castellón on Wednesday the 1st of August.

The plan will indicate the location of all the establishments that have joined the project along some of the recommended routes, the gastronomic route or the shopping route. The Central Market of Castellón has joined the project because it is the perfect place to view local products and considered to be one of the most interesting places to visit by tourists. All the those business which are a part of “Castellón Cruise Friendly” fulfil the necessary requisites, such as having wifi, English speaking staff, menus in English and are able to accept credit cards.

In order to support this quality service the Chamber of Commerce will give free English courses for those interested in improving their skills. It is also planned to provide two free training sessions on the 28th and 29th of May on on how to manage ‘Tax Free’, in which it will be shown how to properly fill in this type of form

For their part, the Valencian Regional Tourist Agency will provide “Cruise Street Assistants” for the visit of the 1st August. A group of ten people will attend to requests for information from passengers from various places in Castellón and El Grao, with the aim of showing that Castellón is friendly, welcoming and well prepared to cater for visitors.

Passengers will asked for their opinions when the return to the port about their visit and the feedback will be used to make improvements. All of these programmes form a part of the strategy developed by the Port Authority to convert Castellón into a first class cruise ship destination.






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