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pantallas muelle cerámica

PortCastelló renews its maximum evaluation for its environmental management

PortCastelló has renewed the European certificate PERS (Port Environmental Review System), the highest award at the European level specifically for environmental management for the port sector which is given by the European Organization for marine Ports and EcoPorts

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Fundación PortCastelló

The budget for the PortCastelló Foundation will reach 334.500 euros

The programme of activities laid out for 2019 consists of nine altogether which have as their common aim the commercial promotion of the port of Castellón in various sectors;

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Investments made by the Port Authority of Castellón will increase by 21% in 2019

The company plan proposes a 180% reduction on the goods tariff, and 5% on vessel tariffs as well as reductions on certain key traffic types which will come into effect with approval of the general state budget or with the necessary legal permission

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For the first time, this December PortCastelló exceeds the mark of 20 million tons of goods

The port of Castellón has exceeded the mark of 20 million tons of goods moved through the port in one year

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Postales navideñas

80 school children participate in the Christmas card competition organised by PortCastelló

The Port Authority of Castellón has awarded the prizes for the V Christmas card competition ‘Draw your Christmas with the port’ in which a total of 80 school children between the ages of 3 and 12 have participated.

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The port of Castellón closes November with a growth of 21,3% in goods traffic

PortCastelló has consolidated its position in ninth place in the overall ranking of ports in the Spanish system, and fourth in terms of solid bulks. In fact the port will close the year once more setting a new record for traffic exceeding 20 million tons, well over the 17,9 million tons of 2017.

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PortCastelló hosts a presentation about diabetes

The talk forms a part of a campaign to promote heathy lifestyles which is carried out occasionally by PortCastelló.

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PortCastelló is growing five times faster than the average in the Spanish ports system

The president of the Port Authority underlined the fact that PortCastelló has the second fastest growth among the 46 general interest Spanish ports in 2018, a rate of 15.5% compared to the average of 3.1%.

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PortCastelló joins the tenth anniversary celebrations of the CSR Round Table of Castellón

The Round Table for Corporate for Corporate Social Responsibility of Castellón, in which the Port Authority of Castellón participates, has become a reference point for its commitment to encouraging ethical and responsible social policies

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PortCastelló conducts a drill to practice anti contamination and pollution procedures

A team made up of twenty people took part in the port of Castellón in a drill which activated the Interior Maritime Plan, to evaluate the effectiveness and coordination of the various bodies involved in the response to an emergency in the interior of the port

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Castellón Cruise Club

The strategy of the Castellón Cruise Club to promote cruise traffic proves effective

Castellón Cruise Club has made a positive evaluation of the measures taken to attract more cruise ship traffic to the port of Castellón and promote the tourist industry in the province.

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Ximo Puig highlights the role played by PortCastelló in the economic growth of Castellón

Francisco Toledo referred to the return of Customs Service to the port as well as the conversion of the the building that was formally the ‘Comandancia de Marina’ to become an arts centre and ports Museum of the Sea

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Colegio Izquierdo

Students from the Ramiro Izquierdo school visit the port of Castellón

This visit was organised within the ‘Know your port’ scheme set up by the Port Authority of Castellón, which is designed to permit institutions and members of the public to get to know more about the port and to reinforce the connections between the port and the town.

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Buque Tofiño PortCastelló

The hydrographic naval vessel “Tofiño” visits Castellón

On Friday 9th November the plan is to receive visits by groups of pupils and students from educational establishments if they are requested

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Fruit Attraction

The port of Castellón takes part in Fruit Attraction after record figures

The Port of Castellón is present at the fair with the objective of making its services to the international agro-foodstuffs industry more attractive, at an event that brings together all the productive sectors in the national market

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Sede Autoridad Portuaria

The Port Authority of Castellón host another blood donor campaign

his initiative is a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility action plan.

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The Demand Study “confirms the viability and the necessity for the Castelló Intermodal Station”

The Valencian Regional Government “has worked from the beginning to cover the serious need for a station in the Province of Castellón”

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Goods traffic at PortCastelló exceeds 2 million tons in one month

The Port of Castellón has grown 16% during the first nine months of this year and has already gone over the 16 million ton mark

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Sede Autoridad Portuaria

The Port Authority publishes its annual sustainability report for 2017

The report gives details of the productive investments in the port of Castellón and its commitment to society

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PortCastelló will be the centre of celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of UBE in Castellón

The celebration will take place on the 20th of October and will include workshops for children in the plaza de Sète between 1100 and 1400 where they will learn how to make Japanese ‘paipais’ masks and learn something about Japanese calligraphy

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Ana Ulloa is unanimously appointed managing director of PortCastelló

The first section of the Cerámica quay has been adjudicated to TMG with an investment of 9.9 million euros for the modernization of operations

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At Tecnargilla PortCastelló displays the measures taken to increase the efficiency in solid bulk traffic

The objective is to make new contacts with companies which that are based inside the port and others such as Kaltun, United Minerals or Sibelco.

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Graneles líquidos

PortCastelló achieves its best ever august figures for all types of traffic

The Port of Castellón has grown 13.6% in the first eight months of the year and traffic has already passed 14 million tons

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PortCastelló presents its new cruise ship strategy at Seatrade Cruise Med

PortCastelló will also promote the new dock for smaller luxury cruise ships on the Levante dock which will be opened next year in order to comply with requirements from shipping companies

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pantallas dársena sur

PortCastelló installs new wind break screens in both basins

This is a part of the Port Authority’s policy to protect the environment from dust particles.

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Visita Subdelgada

Toledo has met with Soledad Ten to discuss several pending issues

The representative of the central government in Castellón, Soledad Ten, and the president of the Port Authority Castellón, Francisco Toledo, have held a meeting to revise the current state of projects that are needed to keep the port competitive

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The replica of the Nao Santa María docks at the muelle de Costa

The ‘Nao Santa María’ is one of the most famous ships of all time

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Puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló begins the second half of the year with a 21,5% growth in traffic

The Port of Castellón closes the month of July reaching nearly 2 million tons which makes it the best month in the history of the port

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The cruise ship ´Saga Sapphire´ docks at PortCastelló

Once in the port the tourists will be able to choose from a range of excursions such as Aquarama, the caves of San Jose in the Vall d’Uxo, Peñiscola, Valencia , the centre of Castellón and others.

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PortCastelló approves the agreements auhtoising the concession of a solid bulks terminal on the Ceramics Quay

Francisco Toledo has announced that the managing director, Roberto Arzo, will leave the Port Authority in October to work in the private sector in a field not connected to the Port.

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The Crazy Cross will be held on the 30th September in El Grao

The Castellón Town Council and the Port Authority organize the first edition of the inflatable obstacle course race, and a part of the proceeds will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Association

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Buque atracado en el puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló closes june with its best ever results

The investments in the port of Castellón, together with the reductions in tariffs, form a part of the strategy designed by the president of the Port Authority of Castellón

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Faro de Oropesa - julio 2018

PortCastelló give permission to the Town Council of Oropesa to use of the land surrounding the Oropesa lighthouse

Francisco Toledo stated that “it is a great pleasure to be here to sign this agreement that will serve to open up this space, long unused, and allow it to be put to good use

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Foto aérea PortCastelló

PortCastelló approves its annual accounts with an increase of 52% in profits

The annual accounts for 2017 close with a profit of 9.5 million euros and an EBITDA of 19.3 million

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Reunión Autoridad Portuaria con Subdelegación del  Gobierno - 26-06-2018

The Frontier Inspection post will be reinforced by three new civil servants

The Cultural Heritage Department will initiate the process by which the Naval Command building will be returned to port control

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Graneles puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló closes another record month for solid bulks

The port of Castellón has recorded its best ever month for solid bulk traffic, moving 674.386 tons, 28% more then the same period last year. The previous record was set in August 2017 when 666.438 were moved through the port. Solid bulk traffic has grown 8.45% this year so far, a total of 2.669.330 tons

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PortCastelló installs traffic light in the north basin

With the aim of increasing the safety of vehicles coming onto this road and controlling the traffic flow. This investment was made at a cost of 41.000 euros.

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Exposición La Caixa en PortCastelló

“Romanorum Vita”. A history of Rome

Journey back in tiem and get to know how men and women lived in other times and learn about their daily activities and customs, is a recurring fantasy in human history.

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PortCastelló en Breakbulk Europe 2018

At BreakBulk Europe PortCastelló 2018 presents growth in solid bulks

The port of Castellón demonstrates its potential in logistics and its loading/unloading services for special projects at the Breman fair

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PortCastelló invierte 2180.000 euros en el muelle de Costa

PortCastelló closes the best month in its history

The Port of Castellón grows 11,9% in the first quarter and continues to break records after registering 1.846.418 tons in one month

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New toilets in Plaza del Mar

PortCastelló invests 280.000 euros in the muelle de Costa

The Port Authority of Castellón has prepared a new toilet facilities in the Plaza del Mar

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New businesses have joined the “Castellón Cruise Friendly” project

10 restaurants and the Central Market join the “Castellón Cruise Friendly” initiative

The Town Council of Castellón has drawn up a map of all the business which have signed up for this project. there are now 50 altogether

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Nous establiments es sumen a “Castelló Cruise Friendly”.

The Port Authority of Castellón reorganizes its organizational structure in order to face the challenges of the future

The extension to a period of eight years of the concession held by Bulk Cargo Logistics SA has been approved after their commitment to make an investment of 4.356.228 euros

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More than 150 athletes will take part in the I PortCastelló Triathlon

A total of 60 volunteers will help to organise this event which will take place within the port this Sunday

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The Port Authority of Castellón calculates its carbon footprint

This initiative conforms the environmental commitment of the Port Authority and will lead to a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases

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PortCastelló makes an agreement with the pilots corporation to increase the numbers of staff

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón reaffirms to the Propeller Club that 2018 it will an investment year.

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PortCastelló and the provincial council promote the province as a destination for cruise ships

One of the most important tour operators for cruise ships  has come to explore  the  potential for tourism  in eight towns in Castellón.

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PortCastelló successfully negotiates another cruise ship visit

The Crystal Esprit will stop at the port in 2019, making the number of planned visits by such vessels 6 in total

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25 businesses have included themselves in the Castellón Cruise Friendly initiative

The Chamber of Commerce of Castellón has hosted a meeting to inform business associations of the advantages of being included in this project

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Bulk Cargo, The Caixa Foundation and SEDCAS have been selected for the PortCastelló Lighthouse Awards

The panel of judges has recognised the work done by these entities in the fields of Environmental Protection, Social Commitment and safety in the Workplace respectively.

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The panel of judges for the III PortCastelló Lighhouse Awards recognises the work of the Diario Group

The Port Authority once again makes its annual awards to those projects that benefit the Port of Castellón.

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PortCastelló promotes cruise ship tourism at Fitur

The PortCastelló Foundation is attending this year’s event with a new brand name: Castelló Cruise Club

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PortCastelló breaks its record for annual traffic and closes 2017 reaching nearly 18 million tons

The Port of Castellón has grown 4.9% in terms of total goods traffic.

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The port of Castellón host I Escala a Castelló

In April PortCastelló will host a rally of galleons and other legendary vessels and will become a subsidiary venue for this event based in the French port of Sèt

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