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Toledo oversees the work undertaken to repair the damage to infraestructure by the recen gales

25 January 2017




The Port Authority estimates the damage caused by high waves will cost 450,000 euros.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, this morning visited the works that are being carried out to repair the damage caused by the recent storm, which it is estimated will cost 450,000 euros.

The most important damage was casued to the upper part of the southern breakwater where strong waves caused cracks in the surface and displaced   some parts of the structure by up to 1.2 metres. This breakwater is constructed of blocks weighing 15 tons and is five metres high, which indicates the power of the waves on this occasion.

At ther same time the storm caused some flooding is various parts of the port of Castellón which made it necessary to pump the water into tanker lorries, and some buoys in the entrance channel came lose and will shortly be replaced.

Francisco Toledo pointed out that the work being carried out on the breakwater was being done  quickly and efficiently, “in order to guarentee the safety of the port.” In fact the storm died down during Sunday night and by early Monday morning work teams were already starting operations to repair the damage and this work is progressing well.


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