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Three students design the Christmas Card for PortCastelló

4 December 2017


The invitation to students to participate in the design of a Christmas card forms a part of the Port Authority’s Action Plan for Corporate

Social Responsibility.

“Draw your Christmas with the Port”, with this slogan the Port Authority of Castellón’s  IV Christmas Card Competition got underway, in which 35 pupils between the ages of three and 11 form around the province have participated.

The jury is made up of the artists Marco Maseda and Amat Bellés, as well as  Rosana Asensio representing the Beni Art Association, Cristina Gabá, representing the  Escola d´Art, and  Elena Rincón representing the PortAuthority of Castellón. After due consideration the panel have decided to award the prizes to:

  • Category A (3 to 5 years): Julia Guallart Regal.
  • Category B: (6 to 8 years): Carles Salom Aya.
  • Category C: (9 to 11 years): Martina Gómez Retuerto.


All the entries are now on show at the Moruno Building in Grao de Castellón where they will remain between the 18th of December and the 7th of January.  As far as the prizes are concerned, they will be presented  on the 18th December at 1730 in the same Moruno Building.


The Christmas Card competition has been organised as a part of the Port Authority of Castellón’s Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan.

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