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The port participates in the Fruit Logistics Fair of Berlin

8 February 2017


PortCastelló has increased the quantity of fruit and vegetables being moved through the port by 18.75% in 2016.

Through the PortCastelló Foundation, the Port of Castellón is participating in the International Fruit Logistics Fair of Berlin, the most important event of this type in the agricultural produce sector. And it does so after producing exceptional figures for 2016. During this period a total of 736,339 tons of agricultural produce was moved through the port, an increase of 18.75 % in fruit and vegetables compared to the previous year.

The Port of Castellón is participating in this fair with the objective of improving its offer to businesses involved in the international trade of fruit and vegetables at an event where there are 3000 exhibitors and it is hoped that there will be around 7000 visitors from all over the world. For this reason PortCastelló has planned a full programme of activities designed to open up new lines of business.

The manager of PortCastelló, Miguel Rojo, affirms that,”Fruit Logistics is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with the main suppliers in this sector and to inform them about the advantages of operating at the Port of Castellón.” PortCastelló has a terminal specifically equipped for the handling of fruit and vegetables with a large refrigerated store which makes it possible to fulfil even he most demanding rules for the handling of such products.

It should also be pointed out that the PortCastelló Foundation can count on the support of its patrons, associated companies and collaborators, and its participation in the fair is one of the actions approved for 2017.



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