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The new valuation of land at PortCastelló will reduce its value by 14,6%

6 March 2017

PortCastelló will have a Stella Maris centre available to provide free care for merchant seamen

The Board of Directors has been informed about the new valuation of land and water areas of the Port Authority which will mean a reduction in the overall value of 14.62%. The President of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo, explained that,”the valuation that is currently in effect was made in 2008 at a time when property was worth more, and it therefore does not correspond to the real current market value, thus obliging concession holders to pay rents that do not correspond to the value of the assets they occupy.”

Thus new valuation of the land will mean that concession holders will save 579,655 euros annually which will reduce the income of the Port Authority. However this reduction in income can be born thanks to the excellent economic results of 2015 which make PortCastelló the sixth most profitable port in the Spanish ports system. Toledo pointed out that, “this reduction will make our port more competitive and will attract more concession holders, so apart from being a fair reduction it provides significant commercial advantages”.

Now that the Board has been informed, the processing of the documentation can be started which will include a period open to  public viewing and their transference to corresponding government ministries. In Toledo’s opinion this process will conclude this year and the new valuation will come into effect in 2018.

At the same time, PortCastelló will be able to offer the services of a Stella Maris centre to look after the crews of merchant vessels and which will be managed by the ‘ Secretariado Diocesano del Apostolado del Mar’ and a large group of volunteers. Toledo said that “the Stella Maris centre will provide  the port with a human touch “. The centre will be located in Ferrandis Salvador Avenue in property which belongs to the Port Authority and which today the Board of Directors has authorised for use without charge given that it will used exclusively for charitable work.

The centre will be provided with an internet connection so that merchant seamen can contact their families and friends as well as games and other facilities for recreation, information and news from other countries in various languages. Arrangements will be made to facilitate contacts with local social services which will try to provide any attention or services required. The manager of the centre will be  Albert Arrufat Prades.

In accordance with the regulations concerning awards made by the PAC, after discussions by the judges made of 29 women and 24 men from the PAC, the Board of Directors and other person recognised prestige and expertise, the Board of Directors has decided to make the following Lighthouse Awards:

Faro PortCastelló Award for Communication to NOCLAFILMS

Faro PortCastelló Award for Innovation to UBE CHEMICAL EUROPE

Faro PortCastelló Award for Business Initiative LM WINPOWER BALDES

Faro PortCastelló Award for Business Achievement to CONSULMAR

Faro PortCastelló Award for Environmental Protection JOSÉ LUIS GREÑO RUIZ

Faro PortCastelló Award for Safety at the Workplace to ELITE CEMENTOS S.L.


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