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Portsur its biggest ever shipment of clay

17 October 2017



So far this year the PortCastelló terminal has organised the unloading of  1.556.727 tons of raw materials for the ceramics industry consolidating its position as the logistics centre for the industry.

The solid bulks terminal at the port of Castellón, Portsur Castellón, has begun operations to unload a ship coming from the Ukraine carrying 54.700 tons of clay. This is the biggest shipment of this material ever received at PortCastelló.

The clay arrived on board the MV Kure Harbour, a ship measuring 190 metres in length  and 32.2 metres wide, the shipping agents are Gimeno Marítimo. This is the third large ship bringing this type of material to the solid bulk terminals at the port of Castellón in recent months.

In fact, this year alone Portsur has managed the unloading of  1.556.727 tons of this material and thus consolidates the position of the port of Castellón as the strategic logistics centre for the ceramics industry, thanks to the depth of the harbour waters.

There are 600 metres of dock front and a water depth of 16 metres which allows the docking of Panamax ships capable of transporting cargoes of more than 60.000 tons.

In addition, Portsur, has available 77.0000 square metres of open air and covered storage space and 11,000 square metres of land available for concession to which another 35,000 square metres have recently been incorporated. These figures confirm this company’s specialised logistic position in the handling and storage of these cargoes.


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