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PortCastelló participates in Fruit Attraction with record figures

23 October 2017


In 2017 PortCastelló has increased its traffic in fruit,vegetables and legumes by 112%.

The port of Castellón, through the PortCastelló Foundation, is participating in in the international fruit trade fair Fruit Attraction, an international fair for the fruit and vegetables sector which is held at the Ifema hall in Madrid until tomorrow Friday. And it does so with exceptional figures: so far this year a total of 733.425 tons of agricultural and food products have been transported through the port which is 41.4% more than the previous year. The increase is even more remarkable in the case of fruit, vegetables and legumes which have grown 112% in 2017, 29.407 tons until September this year.

The port of Castellón is present at the fair with the aim of advertising its offer to the international trade in agricultural and food products at an event which brings together the most important operators in the international market with the producers. In fact this year, 1,500 companies in fruit and vegetable sectors have gathered at the fair to display their goods to 60,000 visitors from 110 countries.

For this reason, PortCastelló has planned an extensive programme of work designed to open up new avenues of business.

The manager of the Foundation, Miguel Rojo, has stated that,”Fruit Logistics is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with the main suppliers of this market and to be able to explain to them the advantages of of operating from the the port of Castellón.”. PortCastelló has a terminal which is specifically designed for fruit and vegetables with a very large refrigerated store which allows us to respond to even the strictest controls on the export of fruit and vegetables. One example is the annual export of Clementine oranges to the United States. Castellón is the principle port for this traffic.

It should also be pointed out that the PortCastelló Foundation is supported by patrons, associated companies and collaborators and that its participation at the fair is just one of numerous commercial projects that have been approved for 2017.


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