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PortCastelló modifies its investment plan in order to maintain growth

4 September 2017


This modification will enable the Port Authority to carry out actions costing  5.585.000 euros and which will deal with the predicted demands of increasing imports of solid bulks

The State Ports Department (El Organismo Público Puertos del Estado ) has authorised a modification to the PortCastelló investment plan which will allow new measures to be carried out to a cost of  5.585.000 euros.

In this way, various urban development projects will be put out for tender in September. These projects are mainly related to work needed provide new roads and site preparation to allow new companies to be set up in the South Basin.

More specifically, the amount that was originally budgeted for  these purposes  in the the South Basin,  2.100.000 , has been increased to 5,785,000 euros and the amount budgeted for the North basin, 100,000 euros has been increased to 1,900,000 euros. The increased total of 5,785,000 euros will allow the port of Castellón to keep growing, to become more competitive and to be able to respond to the constant increase in traffic, particularly those connected to the transport of solid bulks. In this way PortCastellón will speed up investment in order to respond to the increase of raw materials for the ceramics industry which have increased 26% so far this year and forecasts indicate that this tendency will continue until the end of the year

The modification to the budget is due to the delay in obtaining permission to carry out the construction of other infrastructure which the initial budget plan of the Port Authority of Castellón had planned, such as the the railway connection between the north and south basins and a new bulk liquids dock. nevertheless, both projects should be up for tender before the end of the year. The president of the Port Authority of Castellón has stated that,”Our objective

is not to allow the pace of development and investment begun by the port of Castellón to slow down because this would negatively affect the generation of employment and new opportunities for the province.”


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