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PortCastelló installs an anti pollution barrier in the inner harbour

12 July 2017


The port of Castellón now has three of these barriers to deal with situations involving oil or chemical spills in harbour waters.

Francisco Toledo: “The Port of Castellón is ready for any type of emergency”The Port Authority of Castellón has installed an anti pollution barrier in the interior harbour measuring 175 metres in length with the aim of confining any possible oil spills. This barrier is added to the one already installed in the Iberdrola canal and now PortCastelló has 525 metres of barriers in the interior of the port which means it is fully prepared for any type of oil spill.

A drill was carried out successfully to test its effectiveness. The exercise consisted of putting the barrier in place between the inner harbour and the fishing harbour by means of a launch and it now effectively protects fishing vessels from any possible spill of oil or other toxic liquids.

Apart from these barriers put in place for use in the inner harbours, there is another designed for use in open waters which has recently been installed at the mouth of the port which is 400 metres long and weighs 2,400 kilos and is the only one of its type in Europe.

Francisco Toledo, president of the Port Authority said that in this way “PortCastelló confirms its commitment to the prevention of marine contamination and the struggle to preserve marine ecology by taking all the necessary precautions to provide adequate protection against possible oil spills both in interior and exterior waters. A port has to be sustainable and it is crucial that we guarantee the safety and protection of the port and its surroundings.”

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