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PortCastelló installs a floating anti pollution barrier, the only one of its kind in Spain

16 May 2017

Barrera oceanica


The Port Authority of Castellón has invested 170.000 euros in this equipment which gives the port of Castellón the most up to date protection of its kind.


Australia, Malaysia and Norway are the only places which currently are able to deploy a floating anti pollution barrier of the type which has just come into service at the Port of Castellón. This morning a drill was carried out in which the equipment was deployed. It weighs 2,400 kilos and is 400 metres long and is designed to be used in cases of oils spills in water.


It is the first equipment of this type to be used in Spain as it is self inflating and becomes fully extended as soon as it comes into contact with the water and can be used not only in harbour waters but in open water also. The barrier has been installed on the outer breakwater of the Port of Castellón at the mouth of the harbour.


Another of the special features of this equipment is the speed with which it can be deployed and recovered; only ten minutes. It has a system using fresh water which cleans as the barrier is gathered in, it is also safer to use as the deployment is achieved by means of a hydraulic reel.


The Port Authority of Castellón has invested 170,000 euros in this anti pollution barrier and their are now three such pieces of equipment at PortCastelló. One is placed in the interior basin and the other has a permanent place in the the cooling water channel leading to the Iberdrola power plant. The President of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo,explains that,”in this way the Port of Castellón has taken an important step towards placing itself in the forefront of environmental protection”. At the same time he wished to recognise the “hard work and determination of the Department of Conservation of the Port Authority.”


Francisco Toledo also pointed out that this measure is the latest in a series of actions that have been taken by the Port Authority in the last year designed to protect the environment, such as the reduction of energy consumption and the installation of large screens to prevent particles from solid bulk cargoes being dispersed by the wind. “Thanks to good results, the Port Authority has been able to invest 600,000 euros in environmental protection measures.”


SorbControl is the company which has been given the responsibility of installing the anti-pollution barrier which today come into service at the Portof Castellón, a company which currently holds certificates for Quality and Environment ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 14001:2004

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