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PortCastelló host a conference on the subject of the law of maritime navigation

8 May 2017



The event will take place this Friday with free acces and limited capacity

The Port Authority of Castellón today hosts a conference on the Law of Maritime navigation organised by the Office of the Harbour Master of Castellón and the PortCastelló Foundation.

PortCastelló proposed that the most important aspects of the Law, in force since 25th September 2014, should be discussed with particular reference to the computerization of administration, the vehicles of maritime navigation and the civil liability of shipping agents among others.

The conference was inaugurated by the President of the Port Authority, Francisco Toledo. There were presentations by Maria Victoria Petit, professor of Mercantile Law at the University of Jaume I, who spoke about some basic aspects of the law, and José Manual Manaute, Harbour Master of Castellón, who spoke about the computerization of administration.

José-Alejo Rueda, professor of Mercantile Law from the University of Oviedo spoke on the subject of ‘The Vehicles of Maritime Navigation’, and lastly Ignacio Arroyo, professor of Mercantile Law from the University of Barcelona, talked about the ‘Civil Liability of Shipping Agents’.

The Managing Director of the Port Authority, Roberto Arzo, had the responsibility of bringing the event to a close.

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