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PortCastelló carries out a fire drill

29 December 2017



A fire drill was carried out in the South Basin area of the Port of Castellón, specifically in the site behind the UBE concession where tanks for chemical products are situated.

The exercise involved activating the Emergency Plan for the interior of the port and the participation of the Centre for Emergency Management of PortCastelló, the local Fire Brigade and the Port Police.

A group from the local Fire Brigade was mobilised for the drill, consisting of one fire truck and a group of firemen. At the same time the Port Police took control of giving access to help arriving from outside the port and ensuring their prompt arrival at a safe area, and to ensure that authorised personnel and vehicles were able to get to the emergency area quickly while at the same time overseeing evacuation procedures.

This drill forms a part a series that the Port of Castellón carries out regularly through the year in order to ensure the coordinated response of all those groups whose participation is required in any case of fire in the service area of the port, to check response times and test communication procedures.

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