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A distillation tower weighing 693 tons is unloaded at PortCastelló

6 July 2017


The tower left the port of Shangai a months ago bound for the BP refinery at Castellón.

The complex job of unloading a new distillation tower for the BP oil refinery of Castellón was undertaken early this morning at the PortSur terminal of the port of Castellón . The tower weighs 693 tons, has a height of 61 metres and a diameter of 14.5 metres.

It has taken a month for the distillation tower to make the voyage from Shangai having passed through the Suez Canal in order to arrive at the port of Castellón, where it took two hour sto unfasten it and another four to unload it from the vessel

The tower will remain in PortSur for two weeks and then it will be transferred with special transport measures to the BP refinery. BP have stated that the tower will substitute another and will come into operation within one year once all the accessory parts have been installed and pipes connected .

The distillation towers are key elements in the any oil refinery since it is where the refraction process takes place to separate crude oil into various components by heating and allowing the lighter elements to evaporate into the various levels of the tower.

With the operation being conducted today PortCastelló places itself on the map of ports with the capacity to handle, load and unload special cargoes of this type, such as the largest wind farm generator blades in Europe measuring 73.5 metres long which are transported form their point of manufacture at the village of Coves de Vinromá in the north of Castellón to their destination in Germany.


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