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Toledo wants the Port Community to get more involved in improving PortCastelló

5 July 2016


The president of the Port Authority proposes that an agreement is made between all those involved with aim of consolidating the position of the port of Castellón as an economic force in the province.



The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has proposed a Global Agreement to improve the capacity of PortCastelló to rival its competitors. The proposal was made during the course of a meeting of the Competition Committee which is held  twice a year with representitives  from all members of the Port Community in accordance  with the guidelines of the Strategy Plan.

Toledo has encouraged agents and operators in the Port Comminity to get more involved with the aim of, “placing the port of Castellón in the optimum position to attract more traffic and thus generate more employment and economic growth.” The president of the Port Authority suggested that all those involved, “should make a collective effort to make the existing infrastructure as competitive as possible.The Port Authority is only one link in the logistic chain and it is necessary for all those involved to be committed to the same objective if the port is fulfil its potential as a generator of economic growth.”


Toledo stated that “our results are good but we need all of the members of the Port Community to be involved in order to guarantee the brilliant future of the port.”

To this end the Port Authority will organise joint meetings until the end of the year 2017 for a Global Agreement to improve the port’s capacity to compete and consolidate its position in the top ten of Spanish ports.For his part the managing director of the port Roberto Arzo, explained to the committee the advances that have been made towards making the port more competitive and the increase in traffic recorded so far this year. He also informed the committee about the Investmemt Plan for the Port of Castellón until 2020 which proposes making improvements to productive infrastructure to the value of   69.503.000 euros. Arzo stated that  PortCastelló is fulfilling the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan of 2013-2017 and is now confronting the challenges of connecting the northern and southern areas of the port, consolidating its policy of bonuses and reductions  to economic sectors such as the ceramics industry and  expanding efforts to protect the environment in order to consolidate the sustainability of the port.


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