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Toledo: “The mediterranean corridor is a key for the future of the port”

7 March 2016


The President of the Port Authority of  Castellón will take part in discussions at the Fòrum Valencià Corredor Mediterrani

The President of the Port Authority of  Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has taken part in setting up the Fòrum Valencià Corredor Mediterrani in which he argued in favour of the construction of this new infrastructure which is fundamental for the economy of the Valencian Region.

Toledo indicated that the lack of the corridor infrastructure negatively affects the railway system and its connection to ports on the Mediterranean coast, including Castellón. “We need the corridor,” he said,”to improve our capacity to compete  and generate wealth.”

The President of the Port Authority has urged the government to commit itself to encouraging the transport of goods by railway in Spain which involves “developing the Mediterranean corridor as soon as possible as it is this region which currently  has the greatest level of economic activity, both in terms of imports and exports as well as the general movement of goods through the port which is main producer of traffic of this sort.”

Francisco Toledo pointed out that according to the Europena Office for Statistics – Eurostat – only 4.8% of goods transported over land is carried by rail, while the European average is 17.8% .” More advanced countries carry 5 to 10 times more goods by rail than we do here in Spain. In Germany the figure is 23,5%, in Finland it is 27,8%, in Sweden  38,2% and  48% in Switzerland.

Francisco Toledo referred to the need to set up a “an intelligent and efficient system of goods transport in which the railways play an essential part, saving energy and  logistic costs, and reducing the environmental impact of transport by road.”And he emphasised that for this development “the construction of the Mediterranean corridor is essential in order to preserve Spain’s capacity to compete and produce economic and environmental sustainability”

The President of the Port Authority underlined that “campaigning for the Mediterranean corridor is not simply asking for a new railway line but a whole axis for economoc development,”

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