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Toledo speaks in favour of Castellón as a european hub for citric fruits



The President of the Port Authority presented to the Board of Directors the conditions fulfilled by PortCastelló for this market and its alliance with the Union to defend the citric industry.


The President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, today informed the Board of Directors about the the measures being taken to convert the Port of Castellón into a major port for the export and import of citric fruits,

as well as meetings that have been held with the Union to put into effect measures to protect this sector, such as to establish Castellón as the entrance port for citric fruits from South Africa arriving in Europe given

Castellón’s proximity to the market for citric fruits in the European Community.

Toledo presented to the Board his opinion that the port of Castellón is “perfectly equipped to channel the imports of citric fruits to third countries and give these products the necessary phytosanitary inspections to avoid risks.” He highlighted the experience that PortCastelló has in the export of oranges to the USA, a market that is particularly demanding in terms of inspections and in addition that 80% of all citric imports to the USA go through Castellón, more than any other port in Spain.

Francisco Toledo informed the the Board about the latest figures for goods traffic through the port since the beginning of the year as well as the the efforts to market the port, with the cooperation of the port community. Among the actions taken are the presentation of PortCastelló to the business community in Madrid, as well as the participation in trade fairs related to the ceramics industry (Cevisama, Tecnargilla and Cersaie;) logistics (Breakbulk Europe); agriculture and food (Congreso Agrifood y Fruit Attraction) y tourism (Fitur y Seatrade Cruise Med). The port of Castellón also participated in the World Conference of Port and Cities in Rotterdam. Information was also provided about the recent visit by two cruise ship to the Port of Castellón and the policy to increase the number of visits by such ships over the next few years. Francisco Toledo also evaluated the success of the recent ‘open day’ held last weekend during which 3000 people visited the port and were able to take guided tours by land and sea.

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón in the meeting held on the 27th October 2016 has made the following decisions:

  • Appoint  Sebastián Plá Colomina as Vice-president of the Port Authority of Castellón, substituting Rafael Montero Gomis. Sebastián Plá is currently president of the  Asociación de Consignatarios y Empresas Portuarias de Castellón (ACEP) and is the director of  Sucesores de Sebastián Roca S.A., a company which has been operating in the port for more than 100 years, loading and unloading vessels,  as a shipping agent and as a customs agent.

With this appointment Francisco Toledo wishes to recognise “the fundamental importance to PortCastelló of port companies.” It should be remembered that the Vice-president of the Board of Directors receives no salary and that among his responsibilities is to “substitute the president in cases where the president is absent, ill or the position is vacant, being able to exercise those functions delegated to him by the President or the Board of Directors” as is established by the  Law  of State Ports and Merchant Marine.

  • Give administrative concession to Proyectos Ponsfer S.L. to occupy for thirty years a surface area of  6.000 m2 in the northern area of the port for the construction and industrial building with roof and walls measuring  1.225 m2 , at an estimated cost of 311.029,19 €,. This building will be used for the repair of containers, their storage and the storage of general goods. The annual fee owed to the Port Authority will be  42.093,77 € plus VAT.
  • Give the administrative concession to INDUEL 2000 S.L. to occupy for a period of 5 years a surface are measuring 86,79 m2 which corresponds to a covered area situated on the Levante Quay which will used a store for materials related to their business. The sum owed annually to the PortAuthority for this concession will be  588,88 € plus VAT.
  • Give an administrative concession to TREINTASUB S.L. for the occupation for a period of five years for a surface area of 154 m2 corresponding to a covered property situated on the Levante Quay which will be used for the storage of materials connected with their business. The total amount that will be owed to the Port Authority for this concession will be
  • 1.042,72 € plus  VAT.
  • Give administrative concession to SAMIET 2016 S.L. to occupy for a period of 10 years, a surface area of  241 m2 situated in the fishing area  and which will used for catering. The annual fee owed to the Port Authority will be  4.519,41 € plus  VAT.
  • Select the application presented by ARCILLAS CASTELLÓN S.L. for an administrative concession for offices 8, 9 y 11 situated in the old building of the Port Authority.
  • Approve the non-substantial modification, in this case extension, to a surface area of 85 m2 to the concession granted to S.A.U. installation and servicing of vending machines. The annual fee to be paid to the Port Authority will be 135.990,55 € plus VAT.
  • Approve the policy for the management of electronic documents belonging to the Port Authority of Castellón in which it will be indicated which persons are to involved in the management of these documents, their roles and responsibilities, the stipulated minimum metadata which these documents will contain, as well as the rules for their registration, classification, description, access and destruction or elimination. At the same time a bi-annual  auditing procedure is established as well as ongoing training for the personnel from the Port Authority involved.
  • Approve a set of conditions for contracting building work through a negotiated procedure.
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