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The PortCastelló Foundation moves into new offices

15 February 2016



The PortCastelló Foundation has moved into new offices near the main offices of the Port Authority and in this way takes a further step towards strengthening its role in promoting the commercial development of the Port of Castellón.

The Foundation, which was until now situated in the Moruno Building in the Plaza del Mar, took on all the  commercial activity at the port last October under the leadership of Miguel Rojo. The department is focused on four principle areas; the increase of cruise ship traffic, to promote commercial traffic through the port that is connected to local manufacturing and agricultural sectors, the organisation of educational events and the marketing of the 2 million square metres of land available in the South Basin for the establishment of new businesses.

In order to carry out these activities, the PortCastelló Foundation has a budget of 404.465 euros,  7,4  more than in 2015.

The move to new offices is another step towards “our objective to support and promote the commercial activity of the port, to recover the confidence of the port community and to make the most efficient use possible of the facilities the port provides,” according the  President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, who also highlighted the fact that during the coming year 15 organisations more will join those which already count as associated or collaboartive patrons.


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