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The port of Castellón triples ro-ro traffic in february

22 April 2016



The Port of Castellón reports the biggest ever growth in ro-ro traffic in the first months of the year

Ro-ro traffic at the Port of Castellón has risen 178.69%, reaching 98.086 tons, compared to the slightly more than 35.000 recorded last year, according to data published by State Ports. These statistics indicate that the Port of Castellón is fastest growing port in Spain so far this year

This is further indication of the growth of traffic at the port. In fact, Castellón closed 2015 being second only to Tarragona in the growth of ro-ro traffic, that is the loading and unloading of vehicles which choose maritime transport to cover long distances.

It should be remembered that the  Port of Castellón closed the year 2015 with an accumulated growth of 19.98%, tripling the average rate of growth of  ports in the Spanish system. During this period 486.733 tons of vehicle traffic was moved through the port compared to 405.668 tons in the whole of 2014. So ro-ro traffic has become fourth most important type of traffic at the port after liquid bulks, solid bulks and general goods.

The President of the Port of Castellón, Francisco Toledo comments that,” these figures show how important the Port of Castellón is for companies and how the port has become an essential part of the provincial economy, generating wealth and employment.

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