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The leisure area of the port has been visited by 8.000 school children

26 February 2016


The Port Authority of Castellón has made it an objective to strengthen relations between the port and the town.



The leisure area of the Port of Castellón has been visited by a more than 8000 school children in January and February. The pupils came from primary and secondary schools which are participating in a program offered by the department for Social Welfare of Castellón Town Council and the Regional Anti Addiction Unit (Unidad de Prevención Comunitaria de Conductas Adictivas. UPCCA).

This educational project uses cinema as a tool to prevent addictions and to inform participants of risks to be avoided. The Port of Castellón is responsible for providing parking space for school buses, traffic control and to look after the pupils during their visit to the port leisure area, as well as their access to the Neocine building of Port Azahar.

In this way the Port Authority of  Castellón is collaborating with those who have organised this educational project, as well as at the same time promoting activity in the ‘Moll de Costa’ area of the port and strengthening relations between port and town.

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