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The board of directors of the port approves the I Edition of the PortCastelló lighthouse awards

17 March 2016


The ceremony to present the awards will be held on the 8th of April.

In its last meeting the Board of Directors of the Port of Castellón approved the proposals put forward by the jury of the PortCastelló Lighthouse Awards. The awards will be presented on the 8th of April in the established categories: Business Development, Business Initiative, Innovation, Environmental Protection, Safety, Communication and Social Commitment where the winners have been respectively; Gimeno Marítima, Leatransa, Becsa-FCC, BP Oil Refinery of Castellón, Castellón Port Control, Business Conferences organised by the ‘Mediterraneo’ newspaper and the projects ‘Sponsor a wig’ and ‘One sea for all’.

The jury for the PortCastelló Lighthouse Awards, is made of  54 people with completely equal representation from the Board of Directors of the Port Authority, the Port Community, the Valencian Regional Government, the Town Council of Castellón as well as representitives from business, economic, union and social sectors from the Province of Castellón.

The objective of these awards is, as the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Francisco Toledo, has explained, to give due recognition to persons or companies related to the port and to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community.


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